AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - November 2011  

Virat-Atma Meditation

by Swami Veda Bharati

(Meditation Transcription)

Mind, becalmed as a smooth flowing stream
that smooth mind stream flowing through all the senses.

That smooth mind stream flowing as the path of prana energy unblocked.

Mind stream flowing smooth through your entire person.  From the Mount Kailash of the high Himalayas -- the seat of your mind.

From the Mount Kailash, of the high Himalayas, of the seat of your mind, a flowing consciousness stream like a cool shower cleansing, washing, soothing, enlivening every cell of your body all the way down to the seat of your body and the soles of your feet. 

A cleansing, purifying River of Light -- the Ganga of the mind, 
a sacred presence within you,
A sacredness that you are. 

Feel the sanctifying flow of this River of Light from the seat of your mind, to the seat upon which you sit.

And from your adhara to the seat of your mind, a subtle, sacred flow of consciousness, divine life, mind, mantra, prana, breath.
Maintain the identity of your being with this sacred, flowing River of Light.

Having purified your entire body-like mountain, transformed as a crystal-like mountain of light,

Now draw your attention to the pilgrimage of your ascent.  Let your consciousness rise from the feet to the muladhara - your very earth. 

From the earthly realm, now rise through the realms of:
The realms, of:
vishuddha - the sky realm.

Now dwell only in that sky-realm.  From the realm of this antariksha akasha , the sky space of interior vision, ascend to swar-loka, heavenly realm above the space of the throat centre. 

Dwell in the crystal-like mountain-top, the seat of your mind. 
Pure consciousness, divine life force -- identifying with it,
knowing your self to be that.

The divine infinite life force and consciousness sends forth the grace of the mantra to your mind, you heavenly seat. 

Divine life, consciousness, mind-mantra, alone, as your true self. 
Be that. 
Know that. 
Sense only that. 
Awaken that seed of Consciousness-bindu, as your only sense of awareness.

No disturbance of the arising of thoughts or desires. 
Here there is total calm, pure mind, soundless-mantra, consciousness, none else.

Make a sankalpa, a quiet sacred resolve to ever be this heaven dweller. 

Dwelling in this swar-loka. 
Remaining a heaven dweller at all times. 
Mantra alone your mentation filling the entire Himalayan height of the Kailasha of your skull. 

If you dwell here centered enough, deeply enough, long enough, it is the promise of the sages of the lineage that they will meet you here in the form of a conscious light. 

Seek that union,
Calling upon them with your mantra,
calling, calling, calling;
and now in silence…

Maintaining the sankalpa, the resolve to ever be a heaven dweller,
bring your heavenly consciousness to permeate your exterior realms,
from this mantra-infused realm of your heavenly mind. 

Now, letting your prana-breath flow through your spine.
This breath becoming the meru, the streak of lightening flowing in the heavens whose energy is absorbed in your sacred body-mountain.

Now, letting your prana-breath flow through your nostrils.
This breath becoming a setu, a linkage between your interior heavenly realm and your exterior realms of the body-polis. 

Maintain the flow. 
Remaining in your heavenly realm,
still traversing your breath bridge
as you come to your exterior senses
and gently open your eyes.

Remain the dweller of both worlds through the linkage of your breath, the linkage, the channel that brings the luminosity and the calm and purity of heaven into your senses. 

Be in this quiet joy even with your eyes and other senses open;

Dwelling in the Crystalline mountain of your being.
Om sham
OM peace

Adapted Transcript of a Guided Meditation led for the Teachers Training Programme of the Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International (AHYMSIN), held at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, on 18th July 2011 by Swami Veda  Bharati

Editor’s Note:

Swami Ritavan writes, “It truly was the inspiration for the pilgrimage that all began with this deep interior experience of the mountain-top of consciousness, the homeland of Being - the Virat-Atma.”

Tinyu Chen, Swami Ritavan, and Yoong took and led a pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash in October 2011.