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  AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - April 2012  


by Swami Veda Bharati

The SRSG ashram is rich in matri-shakti (Mother Power) in the form of many ladies who have been serving the ashram for years, some for more than a decade in many different capacities. Most of them are mothers of children who are growing fast and need a little less attention.

Swami Veda’s intuition felt that it was time to help these matri-shaktis grow in their roles in SRSG life.

The Shri-chakra was about to be installed on 31st March in a newly built shrine. Divine Mother Sita-Tara (White Tara), a statue of pure white marble, would also be consecrated the following day.

Kusum Uniyal, wife of Pandit Harshanand who has been serving as an ashram priest for 11 years, was selected to be the priestess for the Mother shrine and received basic training throughout the month of March.



On 28th March, Kusum and five other human-form matri-shaktis gathered around the sacred fire of the ashram’s main yajnya-shala and poured the sacred offerings as Swami Veda recited the mantras. The five others were Meena Sharma, Mamta Nakoti, Suneeta Nakoti, Sona Sahoo and Geeta Bhoi.

Along with other traditional recitations and mantras, they made offerings to each of the five divine forces and recited the following vows:

To Agni, the Divine as Fire within us,
To Vayu, the Prana Wind,
To Surya, the Solar Force within us,
To Chandra, the Lunar Power within us,
To Indra, the King of gods, our very soul, the Self,
O Guardians of Vows (Agni, Vayu, Surya, Chandra, Indra),
I shall undertake this vow.
This I declare to Thee.
May I succeed in this endeavour of the vow.
May I thereby grow and prosper.
Here now, I abandon untruth and embrace Truth.

Then with their palms facing the fire, then taking their palms to their faces, each matri-shakti took the light and brilliance of the sacred fire into her very core with this prayer:

O Guardian of my Body, protect my body.
Thou art the giver of long life; oh Agni, grant me long life.
Thou art the giver of brilliance; oh Agni, grant me brilliance.
Oh Agni, fill and complete whatever is deficient in my person.
May the Divine Solar One place in me intuitive wisdom.
May the Devi Sarasvati place in me intuitive wisdom.
May all the Twin Deities (such as prana-apana), lotus-garlanded ones, place in me intuitive wisdom.
Then they touched the light and brilliance to their senses in the same way and said:
May my speech be fulfilled 1.
May my prana be fulfilled.
May my sight be fulfilled.
May my hearing be fulfilled.
May my repute and strength be fulfilled.
May Agni place in me intuitive wisdom and productivity.
May Indra place in me intuitive wisdom, productivity and all Masterly power.
May the Solar One place in me intuitive wisdom, productivity and splendour.
The brilliance that is in thee, oh Agni--- with that brilliance may I become brilliant.
The effulgence that is in thee, oh Agni, with that effulgence may I become effulgent.
The force that is in thee, oh Agni, may I be filled with that Force.

Then Swami Veda wrapped sacred shawls around each of the deeksharthinis (ladies receiving this deeksha), as they sat near him with bowed heads and joined hands. He gave them some necessary instructions.

Then they all went into the Meditation Hall with flowers in their hands to receive Gurudeva’s blessings.

They were all given a consecration diksha. This puroheeta-diksha was part of a long procession leading to the consecration of the new Devi Temple, its crystal Shree Yantra and Divine Mother as Tara. Kusum will be the main priestess and the others will help her in many tasks around the shrines. Already, from the 31st March 2013 establishing of shri-yantra, they all have begun to play their sacred role together. They lend devotion, true bhakti, to an arid world.

1 Filled, made complete, not remain deficient. It be filled with forces of inner life.

Editor’s Note:

We invite you to watch the “The Mother Divine Temple, The Shri Yanta and The Tara Devi. 2012” video made by Michelle Kinsey on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_3g5irkWjU&feature=share