Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Spring 2012 Korean Tour

by Stoma

May 4th – 6th AHYMSIN’s Korean Teacher Training Program sponsored its annual training retreat with visiting faculty Swami Ritavan Bharati, Ashutosh Sharma, Dr. Stephen Parker (Stoma), and Catherine Park [of Rochester, Minnesota, USA]. Catherine led hatha classes and talked about various aspects of hatha yoga.

About 90 people attended the gathering at the Toji Cultural Center outside Wonju, South Korea. Local faculty included Dr. Cheong Won Lee, an early member of the Meditation Center in Minneapolis who lectured on the Bhagavad Gita.

“Meditation and Its Practice” was the theme of the annual training retreat of AHYMSIN’s Korean Teacher Training and also celebrated the release of a new Korean translation of Swami Rama’s book Meditation and Its Practice by Dr. Kyung-Hoon Choe. All workshop participants received copies of the new book. Helen Choe, a mantra initiator and a member of AHYMSIN’s Adhyatma Samiti, is center leader of the Himalayan Meditation and Yoga Sadhana Mandir, an affiliate center in South Korea. 

During the course of the workshop, five people were newly initiated in the Himalayan Tradition.

On May 8th, the visiting faculty were hosted at the beautiful Icheon Ashram of Dr. Junghae Won for a one-day seminar on meditation and yoga. Swami Ritavan, Stoma and Ashutosh each gave a presentation, and Dr. Won did a workshop on her style of teaching hatha-yoga. In addition to the workshop, the faculty had a chance to visit the international ceramics expo in progress at Icheon, one of the world capitals of ceramic art.

May 9th brought the faculty to Seoul and Young Gi’s Joy Yoga studio where Swami Ritavan and Stoma did a workshop with a meditation session and an extended question and answer session. Young Gi’s father opened the event with a sampling of his very vigorous style of hatha yoga.