Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

by Sabina Cesaroni

A week-end retreat in Ireland, May 2012

Perfectly organized by Michael Magennis and Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati, this weekend retreat was "framed” in Ireland.   One  hour   far  from  Dublin,  the  scenery  completely  changed...leaving  this  town  we  entered  the beauty  and  the  generosity  of  such  a  rich  land  with  vast  green  fields  and  infinite  spaces.....that  special "green",  it  is  said,  you  won't  find  anywhere  else!   And wide pastures with streams singing their flowing notes accompanied by the melodic soliloquies of blackbirds and doves.

The center where we spent this 3 day seminar is located in an open space garden where a "labyrinth” was created...to lose or find the way back embraced by the spiral ...or simply having contemplative walks.

A small Sanctuary and a Zen garden nearby...and absolute silence.

A  little Buddha  statue, simply stone sculpted, observing everything and smiling with that so well nown detachment !

Many  people  participating coming from all over, not only Ireland, and two special "guests", two Shamans belonging to the Indians of America : Tony, a fire-keeper and Mona Polacca  from the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, a group of female Shamans belonging to all continents and travelling  all around the world bringing  their message of Unity and Peace.

Core of the workshop was: "Listen to your inner wisdom".

Living in our every day troubled world, we need understanding and knowledge how to act from a centre of insight, love and peace.  When you learn to listen to your inner, unpolluted wisdom, every breath is a new beginning....

Early in the morning the daily practice, some yoga exercises and Makka-ho (a sequence of movements related to the meridians and the five elements from Zen tradition), prayer and meditation. Swami Nitya introduces the Himalayan tradition quoting Swami Rama and Swami Veda Bharati teachings, stressing how important the daily practice is to create a time of silence, personal investigation and study...so challenging.

The “metamorphosis” happens when we put attention in every single moment of our acting, speaking, thinking. Changing our patterns is bringing clearness, consciousness, awakening that inner wisdom, that knowledge we are equipped with since ever.

Respecting others we start respecting the differences, our differences, reconnecting to that wholeness we belong to.
Unity...we are not separate from others...we are others. The separation exists in our minds when we cultivate judgments and fear: "In the complex world we live in, to lead an ethical and spiritual integer life, it is helpful to turn from the usual outward focus and face inward. Our own inner wisdom is not depending on schools and systems of thought, but holds at its core a balanced state of peace and harmony with all… from there we can breathe freely, live peacefully and act effectively".

Swami Nitya introduces then the two Shamans "bridged" here thanks to Jim Feketa and Diane Speer.

Mona Polacca tells us about her mission: "Bringing peace and unity, reminding people of that consciousness connecting us to the chain of the Ancestors...honouring and respecting Life, Nature, Mother Earth, the Elements…our greatest Masters and Healing through the ‘Medicine power’....”

Different tradition…but same principle! On the closing day we had a collective dancing movement inspired by the drum beat leading from movement to stillness…Tandava, Shiva Dance...followed  by a solo performance sliding into final meditation.

And, of course, there were enjoyable inspired moments of relaxation and good food! Excellent cooks and a special "British-Italian” team making” pasta "and a funny Commedia dell'Arte mood!!

The last day, the fire ceremony was the closing of these three days: in a circle we prayed and observed those Ashes left...letting go....again different traditions, but the same Sacred Ashes bridging East and West melting in the same unique Fire of knowledge and expansion...

Hari Om 


Himalayan Yoga Institute of Florence
Photos by Laura Calletti and Barbara Murrel