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  AHYMSIN Newsletter, Issue - June 2013  

Bocskai Award Given to Miklós Zoltai

The Hajdú-Bihar County government’s most prestigious award, the Bocskai Award, was given to Miklós Zoltai, the founder of Yoga Association of Debrecen on 22nd November 2012. Hajdú-Bihar County is in eastern Hungary, and Debrecen is the 2nd largest city in Hungary after Budapest.

“I have never worked to get an award, I learnt from my father to be a great Hungarian citizen and to do everything what one can do. I think you can build a country only with people who are mentally, physically and socially healthy,” Miklos said.

A brief TV report about the ceremony (subtitled in English) can be seen at this link: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Ih3ApKgXp9s&feature=youtu.be

Miklós was unaware of the event before it took place as his wife, Mónika Bertalan, kept the news of the upcoming award hidden from him until the presentation.

Mónika writes “As a yogi he remained neutral regarding the prize. Although he became famous instantly in Hungary. The prize itself means for him the presentation of the way of the simplest and noblest instrument of yoga teaching, yoga therapy, the life and the pure knowledge.  And the way of ‘knocking’ on the Ministries' doors to allow more and more individuals to have the light of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition. He offers this honorable prize and his whole life, work, devotion with the purest passing of the teachings as a faithful disciple to his Teacher, Swámi Véda Bharáti and via him the param-para of the Tradition.”

Miklós Zoltai is a graduate student of the Hungarian TTP and has been in Rishikesh, India, several times. In January 2005, he received mantra initiation through Swami Veda Bharat, and he completed a 30 day silence program in 2009. In 2011, he practiced personal sadhana in Rishikesh, deepening his meditation through practice.

Miklós, who had been born with a serious heart disease, got acquainted with yoga in 1955, and he has been teaching it for more than 30 years. He says he can thank his life to yoga. He thinks that yoga can teach you how to live joyfully and feels that we were not born to suffer, but to be happy.

When interviewed by Dehir.hu in 2010, “What is Yoga?” He responded, “Yoga was born in the ancient India thousands of years ago. It is a universal philosophical system which is available for everybody, in every era and without any distinction. It is an applied method, I would say it is an applied science, which is life, nature, human, and development centred. It is extremely important to mention that it derives from observation and experience; there is no any speculation in it. Yoga never sets hypothesis but it comes from observations therefore it cannot be questioned.”

When asked, “What is the concrete goal of yoga?” Miklós replied, “It is a complex method which incorporates the whole attitude of life, the lifestyle and the way of living which are based on it. I would like to mention three main goals. The first is rehabilitation, the second is normalisation and the third is prevention. Yoga focuses on the last one because unfortunately it seems to be the last in our culture. We are always mending it and that is a kind of ‘the mustard after meat’ feeling. Yoga helps everybody in different levels depending on the current state of the individual. And of course, it depends on the amount of practices – this is one of the most important factors. Yoga does not change people, but people do change themselves; that is why I call yoga the art of living and that is the way how the practiser becomes the artist of his own life.”

In response to the question “Why are exercises important, what can we achieve by doing them?” Miklós said, “Everybody wants to live a happy and healthy life. That is why health movements evolved in every culture, but they vanished in a short time period, because they care of the body only. Yoga is a physical, mental, spiritual and social unit which can be found in exercises as well. So it works simultaneously in the mentioned levels. It is not a religion, not a sport or even a sect, but a system of practices, based on wisdom and experience.

Miklós was asked “What are the main factors everybody should take into consideration independently of the level he starts yoga?” He said, “First of all he or she has to gain appropriate information but continuously. Second he has to trust himself that he can do it because the exercises are not difficult at all and everybody can acquire them. The basic principle is that the teacher has to help taking into account the student’s abilities and boundaries.”

Editor’s Note:

To read the news account of this event, please use this link: www.dehir.hu/hajdu bihar/a jogasok elnoke kapta a megyei onkormanyzat legrangosabb dijat/2012/11/22/

To view a video about Jóga Egyesület Debrecen (Yoga Association of Debrecen): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2EMVNoIUmU


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