Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Teaching Yoga to Children in Hungary

by Mónika Bertalan

“Yoga is: authentic, universal, global and all-encompassing in its complexity. This is why it can function at all times, in all societies. It addresses everybody regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, country, world view and religion.”
- Miklós Zoltai: Yoga: The Way to Life, (1992)

This material is offered with great respect for the Parampara of Himalayan Yoga Tradition and my teacher Swami Veda Bharati.

With my work I wish to give respect to those people whom have not yet been discussed and who have been the first swallows in Hungary in the field of yoga education for children. This expression is a based on a Hungarian proverb ‘one swallow does not make a summer’, meaning: you cannot change the world alone! Through the authentic report of six yoga instructors I present that ‘one swallow’ can make a change. I present the flight of six swallows; introduce the initiatives of six yoga instructor's in the field of children's yoga education, which covers the first 25 years in Hungary. Om.”


So far nobody has written about the first steps of yoga education for children in Hungary. About the recognition of educating children in the spirit of Yoga, the application of teachings of Yoga in this age group and about the serious initiatives on this field which were unique in the country.

The result of my two years research work covers the period from 1970 to 1995. The developments and events after these years will be touched upon shortly only.

With this short historical overview I wish to present those people and their work, who were the first pioneers in teaching yoga for children to a wider audience.

First it is to be mentioned that in Hungary since the early 1900s the teachings of yoga has been known and discussed and also there was teaching of yoga at some level. To name a few of the advocates and teachers of yoga in the period we can mention: Krishnamurti, Selva Raja Yesudian, the Buddhist Mission of Hungary, József Kacvinszky, Károly Tamkó-Sirató –Charles and Dr. Antal Weninger. After 1945, for political reasons it was not really possible to have open yoga sessions till the 1970s. Yoga education in Hungary began to spread more and more and social awareness of yoga started to rise from the 1970s. At this point, we can only speak of the education of yoga for adults. Miklós Zoltai (http://www.jogadebrecen.hu) in the 1970s recognized yoga provides enormous help in the physical, mental, spiritual and social development of children. In fact, they are the future of society and it is not indifferent what the future generation will be like. In the field of education yoga for the children the first step in Miklós Zoltai has made by starting regular yoga sessions at Ferenc Móra Industrial and Vocational High School in Szeged. He, as a teacher of the school, taught yoga for the students from 1970.

This work was continued by Aranka Apró kindergarten teacher from 1 982, who had been attending the yoga classes of Miklós Zoltai for several years then. It was Miklós Zoltai’s proposal that she applied yoga in the education of young children in all fields of their education at the kindergarten of Forráskút. Then in 1986 she founded the first official yoga kindergarten (kindergarten Lifestyle Reform) in Szeged. Her work was outstanding and unique.

So began and continued yoga teaching for children, to which joined newer enthusiastic followers: Mrs. Dr. György Flender Ilona Marosi (Békéscsaba), Mrs. János Nagy Terike Papp (Mezőtúr), Mónika Bertalan (Békéscsaba, Debrecen), Tünde Szegedy (Tiszaújváros, Budapest). The yoga teaching of the little ones started with ease at all those different places and these then ’experimental’ activities were surrounded with great success. The book Yoga for Children by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda was published in Hungary in 1993 which gave great help to the children's teachers. Today there is a variety of yoga instructor trainings for teachers of both adults and children in the country.

The Hungarian Yoga Academy – as first in the country – has set the goal that for each track of study there is a different, more specialized curriculum, which is different than the average, or crash courses.

This also manifests itself in highly qualified, well-trained yoga instructors. This is a two years course consisting of a one year base training which is followed by a specialized line of study "Yoga instructor of children”. The Academy teachers are teaching yoga for several decades, with appropriate knowledge, extensive experience and an even greater responsibility. All of them have a “senior yoga teacher” international diploma certified by the Hungarian Association of Yoga Instructors.

It was the idea of the two leaders of the Hungarian Academy of Yoga, József Csongor Selmeci (http://magyarjogaakademia.hu/oktato-kepzes/tanarok/selmeci-jozsef-csongor/ ) and his wife Ágota Bogdán (http://magyarjogaakademia.hu/oktato-kepzes/tanarok/selmecine-bogdan-agota/ ) to organize the First National Conference on Yoga for Children in Veszprem in February 2008. This conference was the first on when Hungarian yoga instructors have met at a nationwide conference. An article about this first national conference dedicated completely to the subject “Yoga for Children”: http://veol.hu/belfold/uaz-eletre-nevelneku-1371778

Teaching children yoga offers tremendous potential in the field of healthy lifestyle, their upbringing, their relationship to themselves and others, and shaping their morality. Especially in the current rushing, restless, nervous, tense family model lacking love it is not possible to secure balanced, healthy and positive development of children. Even in the best, the most loving families, there are disagreements, quarrels, educational effects following a negative model, which fact is also supported by psychological, psychiatric and sociological surveys.

It is the Teachers of Yoga who had been properly trained in yoga centers, who thanks to their commitment can build a harmonious atmosphere based on love. That is why these places are those that promote children's development in all areas and where children can get familiar and learn a model life which represents true humanity.

“Yoga is: authentic, universal, global and all-encompassing in its complexity. This is
why it can function at all times, all societies. It addresses everybody regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, country, world view and religion.

It is a huge mistake, if anyone thinks: The purpose of life is yoga, the practicing of Yoga. This mistaken view will lead to the impasse of failure. Just the opposite is true: the purpose is life, yoga is the unity of the path, the method, the theory and practice, the method of life-living.”
- Kriyanand [Miklós Zoltai]: Yoga: The Way to Life, 1992, page 62)

Miklós Zoltai

Curriculum vitae:

He was born 28 November 1940, in Szeged.

His professions: teacher, individual psychology expert consultant, family therapist and addiction specialist, acupuncturist, manual therapist, alternative therapist (lifestyle consultant), sport recreator, yoga teacher, yoga therapist. Since 1978 he held lectures on different psychological, psychiatric, medical, naturopathic congresses and conferences about yoga therapy and its possible applications in 39 occasions. Since 1984, He is the member of several divisions of the Hungarian Psychiatric Association. He has continued holistic, alternative healing activity in Debrecen Spa Bath between 1984 and 1989. His therapeutic areas are: psychotherapy, yoga therapy, addiction treatment, acupuncture, alternative medicine, phytotherapy.

He has written and published his yoga book Yoga: The Way to Life in 1992.

Between 2000 and 2005 – as first in the country – he taught the theory and practice of Yoga at the University of Debrecen.

He met and got to know Yoga in 1955, which he practices since then without interruptions: hatha-, raja-, gyani-, kriya-, bhakti-, karma-, mantra- and kundalini yoga. He was born with severe heart disease; he owes his health to Yoga.

His Yoga masters:

1955: He started yoga exercise on the basis of the books of Selva Raya Yesudian.

1979-1984: Prof. Suren Aviyogi Goyal (Szeged, Delhi, India) introduced him into the science of yoga.

1980: Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda (Vienna, Jadan, India), he gave him mantra diksha and "Kriyanand" yoga name.

In 1982: He became a Yoga in Daily Life System (YIDL) graduate yoga instructor.

2005: Swami Veda Bharati Mahamandaleshwar (Rishikesh, India), initiated him into the Himalayan Yoga Tradition’s ancient, classical system, and also gave mantra diksha.

2009 and 2011: He received special spiritual practices of the tradition. 2009. He took part in "silence" retreat in Rishikesh. In 2005, he learned kriya yoga from Swami Anandananda (Riki, India) the teacher of “Bihar School of Yoga”. He has been to India six times, learned in various ashrams, and in 1998 he attended Kumbha Mela in Haridwar.

2011-14: He attended the Himalayan Yoga Tradition’s three year International Teacher's Training Program. His teachers were: Swami Ritavan Bharati, Swami Nityananda, Dr. Stoma Parker and Ashutosh Sharma. He received the "Himalayan Yoga Tradition" yoga teaching diploma in 2014.

Since 1979 he is teaching yoga, leading yoga classes, yoga summer camps, intensive yoga weekends, giving mental-psycho-somato yoga therapy continuously, especially in the southern and eastern parts of Hungary.

He was the founder and president of the yoga associations of Békéscsaba and Szeged. He has been the founder and president Debrecen Yoga Association since 1985.

He is a founding member of the Hungarian Association of Yoga Teachers, where he is a member of the Education Committee. In 2007, the Association awarded him the title "Qualified senior yoga instructor", while Debrecen Yoga Association got the title of "Certified Yoga Association".

He is the lead trainer qualified yoga instructor of the Hungarian Academy of Yoga. He teaches the following subjects: the spirit of yoga - the philosophy, general psychology, yoga psychology, the didactics of yoga teaching, methodologies, the yoga instructor's personality and development opportunities.

In addition to the 30 grade integrated yoga curriculum which he complied, he worked out a sankalpa system in detail, consisting of 480 sankalpas to be used in the different grades, a five-part special therapeutic asana line (100 asanas) for spine health and therapy, a 7-stage basic breathing exercise, and a sixteen-stage anandasana (relaxation) yoga nidra system. In 1985 this was followed by an "eye and vision enhancement" practice system, and a practice system that influences “prenatal, natal and post-natal” states embracing physical, mental, spiritual levels.

He has held group and individual classes for several years on these two areas as well.

In 2012 by the General Assembly of Bihar County Government for “the several decades of the public activities in promoting teaching and publicizing yoga" he was awarded the Bocskai István award. 


Aranka Apró

Professional experience:

  • 2009 – Rece-fice Children's House, Dunaharaszti
  • 1996-2004 Kindergarten Lifestyle Reform, Szeged (Head teacher)
  • 1995-1996 Waldorf Kindergarten, Debrecen, Hungary
  • 1993-1994 Zsigmond Kemény Street Nursery Foundation, Debrecen, Hungary
  • 1992-1993 Farago Street Kindergarten, Debrecen,
  • 1987-1988, Nursery of the Hungarian Post, Debrecen, Hungary
  • 1982-1987 Kindergarten of Forráskút (Head teacher)
  • 1980-1982 Ferenc Rózsa Avenue Kindergarten, Szeged, Hungary
  • 1978-1980 Csanádi II. c. Kindergarten, Szeged, Hungary


  • 1980-1982 Szarvas Kindergarten Teacher Trainer Institute
  • 1974-1978 Tisza-side High school, and Kindergarten teacher Secondary School, Szeged, Hungary


  • 2008 Mind Control course
  • 1979-1980 Education technical course for Kindergarten teachers, Szeged
  • From 1980 Miklós Zoltai’s yoga courses, Szeged

Her pedagogical successes achieved using yoga as a teaching tool:

From 1982 she leads her own group successfully teaching yoga to children with the encouragement of Miklós Zoltai in the kindergarten of Forráskút as a kindergarten teacher.

1986 Hungary (Szeged) founded the first Reform Lifestyle kindergarten that took vegetarian children and children suffering from various food allergies. In their program children's yoga was included the education.

In 1992, she created a lifestyle reform group in a Debrecen kindergarten.

In 1993-94 she organized a reform lifestyle group and lead yoga classes in Zsigmond Kemény Street Nursery experimental group in Debrecen.

1996-2004: In Reform Lifestyle Nursery, Szeged she was Head teacher.

Her experiences:

The experiences and effects of yoga were all very positive and measurable on physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

Mrs. Dr. György Flender Ilona Marosi


1961-1963 Higher Institute for Nursery teachers of Szarvas

1963-1994 Barneval kindergarten in Békéscsaba. Before that internship in Gyula, Dombegyháza


  • Miklós Zoltai’s yoga courses
  • 1980-85 Regular attendance at Paramhans Swami Maheshvarananda’s satsangs.

Since 1987, when she got to know yoga better, she applied it in pre-school education. Within the framework of everyday and compulsory physical education activities she introduced simple yoga exercises: basic breathing exercises, asanas, relaxation exercises, stories and games that helped to understand the main principles of yoga. The preschoolers enjoyed and liked this involvement very much. The spirit of yoga made the sessions exciting, varied in its approach and the atmosphere very nice and they embraced all aspects of pre-school education.

She held yoga sessions based on YIDL practices for adults together with her husband Dr. György Flender with great success in Békéscsaba Youth House since 1991.

Mrs. János Nagy Terike Papp (Parvati)

Curriculum Vitae:

She was born in 1955 in Mezőtúr.

She graduated at the Teréz Brunswick Nursery Teachers College of Szarvas in 1975.

She worked as a kindergarten teacher until 2002, and since 2002 she works as a college professor.

She started to practice yoga in the YIDL system in October 1988.

She became a disciple of Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda her master in 1989.

In September 1989 she introduced teaching of yoga to children in the nursery where she worked.

In 1990 she taught yoga first to a group of nursery teachers, then on the initiative of the institution’s speech therapist for children with hyper-activity and conduct disorder with very good results.

1991-92 she held yoga sessions for parents, and children in a Foundation kindergarten in Mezőtúr.

In 1993 she took a sport’s trainer exam in the College Physical Education Department of Gyula Juhász Teacher Training Collage, where she also got yoga instructor certificate.

From 1993 she held sessions for an increasing number of schoolchildren and held a number of successful yoga sessions and presentations. A result, many adults began to practice of all ages. Her work has been greatly helped by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda’s personal teachings and books.

She has attended master courses, camps in Vienna several times a year and in 1995 in India.

Between 2003 and 2012 she taught yoga to autistic children in the Special Primary School and Children's Home in Tata. For practicing with these children she selected those special asanas from Swami Maheshwarananda’s Yoga in Daily Life Yoga system, which are harmonizing the functioning the two hemispheres of the brain and which resulted in balancing somatic- spiritual strength.

For autistic children those practices, exercises, which develop extroversion, concentration and communication skills, are particularly important. They could realize a stable and peaceful inner atmosphere. The soft music, the exercises mimicking the movement of animals, sometimes their sounds, moving, singing, and relaxation became their favorite activities, which they always looked forward to. The result was that their self–confidence, their communication and ability to concentrate, their coordination increased compared to the earlier conditions.

Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda’s book Yoga Children published in 1993 was her main repository practices, ideas and stories.

Over the years she found that children are highly susceptible for practicing yoga and it is a joyful experience for them.

Experiencing physical and mental harmony, love, acceptance became dominant experience in their personality development, and had a positive impact throughout their lives. Those preschoolers and school children have grown adults since then. Who she could follow up, became good people with a smile and recall the unforgettable yoga holidays when they practiced yoga together on the bank of Berettyó river, cooked outside in kettles and played.

She tells for her these conversations with these people, seeing their glittering eyes are worth more than any praising or recognition. It was worth and it is worth to pass this miracle, what is called Yoga!

The Magic Threshold

(Interview with Parvati, Mezőtúr)

How did you start teaching yoga in Mezőtúr at a kindergarten?

First I started teaching yoga to the kindergarten teachers, later I was given a group of children with a stammer.

The speech therapist was very much in favour of yoga teaching. She had felt that something was missing from her tools, since stammer is one of the hardest speech impediments to eliminate. Logopedic drills alone do not help, - to solve an issue of this kind requires complex therapy. Only an all-rounded long term therapy can be successful which treats the child’s personality with a holistic view. She was on the opinion, that yoga as a method can be an essential part of the treatment as yoga exercises balance the nervous system and thus have a healing effect. Playful physical exercises can have a role in easing speech spasm and abdominal breathing is of key importance in curing stammer.

How did you begin your work?

I was trying to explore and recognize the individual problem in each child's case by talking to them first. Parents naturally were allowed to be present too. (The door is always open for the parents. I think they do have the right to know in which direction their children are developed.) The anxiety resulting in the speech impediment might certainly be caused by the parents themselves. I usually try to let the parents know about this -very tactfully, of course - and they mostly are very thankful for that. Sometimes there is some bad habits which they do not even realize: for example that they keep rebuking the child all the time.

Could you mention some of the most spectacular improvements?

There was a little boy who was brought to yoga class by his mother at the age of two. I suggested her to wait as the boy was too young but she insisted. You would be surprised to see how amazingly he was performing doing the exercises. His grandfather and his mother both had a stammer and they considered it very essential that the boy should speak clearly. And the boy succeeded. Even his behavior has changed greatly. He used to be rather aggressive and today he is the one who separates kids who are fighting. He even warns his mother when she raises her voice: "Mummy, mauna." Children can influence their parents, too. Once the mother wanted to kill a chicken and asked the boy to help her, he started to cry and shouted: "I won't help you, not in this and, please, you do not do it either!" He said it in such a suggestive way sobbing from all his heart that the mother did not kill the animal.

Do you speak about vegetarianism at class?

I tell the children that animals must die so that they can eat meat. But I never tell them not to eat meat because that would give them the feeling of guilt.

What do classes contain?

It always begins with creating silence. Children very soon get accustomed to this and they also are looking forward to it. I welcome them in the doorway and ask how they are and if they have white socks on. Then I say: "This is a magic threshold, when you step over it you should be so silent that we could even hear the buzzing of a fly." Then we start listening to the sounds. Something always happens: a car passes by or you can hear the nanny working outside. At the end we discuss what each child heard. I encourage children who were able to hear the slightest sounds. I consider keeping mauna very important though it is rather difficult with little children. They spend their whole day in noise and I find that they are getting louder and louder: their own inner silence is oppressed. They need silence and they are thankful for it. (In one of the kindergartens when I arrive they are already waiting for me in silence.)

Then we concentrate on body posture. I tell them that those who are able to keep their body straight are already as tall as schoolchildren. We always practice abdominal breathing. They lie down on their back and try to breathe without moving the chest. I say to them: "Now I put a butterfly on your chest. Yours is blue, yours is red and you get a beautiful yellow one just like your T-shirt. Be careful, do not frighten it away by moving your chest." I use fairy tale elements in all the exercises. Children are fond of the tales used for relaxation because they can always have a wish.

There are special occasions, too. Before Mother's Day we had a short meditation. "We go out to the meadow; it is a beautiful warm day. The sun is shining; you can feel the fine breeze touching your skin. The meadow is full of flowers. Now find the most beautiful flower. Pick it, go home and give it to your mother. She is waiting for you at home. Feel her love and feel your love for her. "

Before Christmas we had a relaxation using a tale from Swamiji's book: Yoga with Children. We imagined that we are walking in a small mountain town, the air is fresh and crispy and the landscape is like in a fairy tale. We can hear the fine bells ringing in the nearby chapel. It is Christmas Eve, the most beautiful evening of the year. Christmas carols are welcoming the birth of Jesus all over the world. We can see the Christmas tree and feel the festive atmosphere at home.

What kind of topics do you usually talk about?

We discuss for example why we light candle on certain occasions and in the yoga class. We often talk about respecting life in all forms, not to hurt any living being, not to crush insects because they also feel pain. I sometimes talk about my trip to India. We often talk about the Masters. The children know all their names and the names of their ashrams by heart. Swamiji somehow is always present at the classes. I often tell them that I came only because Swamiji cannot go to so many places at the same time but he is thinking of us. They keep asking when he is coming when they can meet him. Swamiji's picture radiates love and children are sensitive to that. It is essential that they can experience the atmosphere of silence, harmony and love here. This will remain with them all through their lives. A child, who can really feel it just once will not fight, will not be cruel. A great teacher once said that the fragrance which first permeates a pot will remain in it forever. I deeply believe in that too.

- Source: Yoga in Daily Life magazine, 1999. December

Mónika Bertalan

Qualifications, training courses, training:

She was born in 1968 in Mezőberény.

She graduated from Ferenc Rózsa High School in 1986, Békéscsaba. As a special training track she chose psychological and educational studies because she was interested in these subjects.

1986-87 she worked as a child care worker Barneval kindergarten in Békéscsaba.

She graduated at Teréz Brunswick Nursery Teachers College of Szarvas in 1989 obtaining a kindergarten teacher diploma.

She got a diploma after the individual psychology training organized by the Swiss Institute of Adler in 1994.

In 1994 she obtained a dance instructor diploma from the Hungarian Cultural Institute.

1992-94 she participated in intensive summer training dance courses with Raza Hammadi

She got a Yoga teacher’s diploma of „La Asociación de Investigación de Técnicas de Madrid Autoayuda Nature Ales” Examination Board in 2005, which is a particular qualification to teach both children and adults.

She received a certificate in Sports and recreation instructor course organized by Bihar County council.

In 2008, the Hungarian Association of Yoga Teachers Associations awarded her the titles "certified yoga instructor" and later "qualified leading yoga teacher".

2011-14 She attended the International Teacher's Training Program of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition and completed the training successfully. 

Currently, she continues studies at the University of Szeged Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of Hispanic Studies.

Her yoga way:

She started yoga in Békéscsaba within the framework of the YIDL system under the guidance of Dr. György Flender and his wife.

She regularly participated in satsangs organized by YIDL in Vép and Strilky between 1990 and 1994.
In 1991, she first met Miklós Zoltai’s yoga education system. In 1992, she received the mantra diksha from Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda.

In 1993, she moved to Debrecen to participate in the courses of Miklós Zoltai.

In 2008, Swami Veda Bharati the Mahamandalesvar of the Himalayan Tradition received her as his disciple.

Her masters and teachers:

  • Paramhans Swámi Maheshwarananda (YIDL)
  • Swámi Véda Bharáti (HYT)
  • Swámi Ritavan (HYT)
  • Swámi Nityananda (HYT) Dr. Stoma Parker (HYT) Ashutosh Sharma (HYT)
  • Miklós Zoltai (HYT)
  • László Kőváry
  • Aranka Apró Mrs. Flender Ilona Marosi
  • Tünde Szegedy

Her Professional Activities:

From the autumn of 1991 she introduced teaching yoga in her own group of children in the kindergarten under the professional guidance of Mrs. Flender Ilona Marosi.

From 1992 in the summer yoga camps of Miklós Zoltai she started teaching yoga for children consciously on his initiation.

1993-94 she worked together with Aranka Apró senior kindergarten teacher in Zsigmond Kemény Street kindergarten in Debrecen, where yoga instruction and the spirit of yoga as the first in the country have fully woven into all of the pre-school educational activities. The healthy lifestyle promoted there was also supported with vegetarian catering which was unique in the country at the time.

In 1993 Debrecen, she was the first to start teaching yoga to children between the age of 3 and 13 in Debrecen.

1994-2004 She held regular yoga classes for babies and their parents, children, adults and seniors In Portugal and Spain, also for therapeutic purposes to people with asthma.

In 2005 she continued her yoga teaching in Debrecen.

Her son born in 2001 , practices yoga regularly under her guidance from the age of three months old.

In 2007, she founded the Debrecen Children Sports, Leisure and Yoga Association.

In 2008 she was a speaker at the National Children's Yoga conference in Veszprém.

2009 She gave a lecture at the Conference on Yoga Education Methodology held in Debrecen.

In 2011, on Swami Veda Bharati’s personal invitation she attended the "International Yoga Youth and Children's Retreat" conference in Rishikesh where she represented Hungary with her presentation titled "Teaching Yoga for Children in Water".

From 2012 as a certified leading yoga teacher of the Hungarian Academy of Yoga she leads the faculty of "Yoga for children" specialized faculty together with her fellow yoga teachers Tünde Szegedy and Miklós Zoltai.

Her goals:

  • Further developing her theoretical and practical knowledge;
  • The application of healthy and yogic lifestyle in all areas of life, physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual levels;
  • Transferring her theoretical and practical knowledge at a high level by teaching;
  • Help people practicing yoga – with regards to their personal level and ability – be able to achieve to live a healthy, suffering free and happy life; -
  • Maintain and ensure the quality level of yoga instruction, and promoting this on the professional field.

The field of Children's yoga education is rich and varied, which is not limited to the territory of the ashram and performing asanas, but also part of everyday life.

She believes that yoga instructors dealing with children have a great responsibility, because they can be of great influence on the children's further lives.

The main principle of yoga instruction: "Ahimsa Paramo Dharma" ("The supreme law is not harming others!")

Please see:

Tünde Szegedy

Occupation: kindergarten teacher, pre-school manager, recreator, yoga instructor.

Place of Birth: Mezőkövesd

Date of Birth: June 7th, 1958

Occupation and activities:

  • Kindergarten teacher working in Bőrfestő kindergarten in Budapest
  • Teaches yoga for children in Budapest in Surya Yoga and Health Centre
  • Holds special sessions for adults and children with breathing difficulties at Best Life Pro in Tiszaújváros, and in Újpest salt cave in Budapest.
  • Holds yoga in pairs sessions for adults in Újpest, Hungary
  • Holds yoga sessions for kindergarten teachers
  • Leads yoga sessions for children in summer camps

Qualifications, studies, self-study

  • Since 1996 continuously: classes, Yoga weekends, camps organized by the Association of Debrecen and Miskolc Yoga
  • Kindergarten teacher degree earned in 1982
  • Kindergarten Manager Diploma in 1996
  • Sports Instructor qualification (majoring in recreation and yoga) in 2003
  • Mental health certificate completed in 2009, beginner and advanced level (emotional and social skills measurement and development)
  • "Modern physical education in kindergarten” accredited training in 2010,
  • Hatha and quantum yoga instructor qualification, 2013

Qualifications in field of the arts: painting silk and textiles, preparing dolls and puppets, musical skills (guitar)

Yoga Way, motivation, masters, teachers:

  • The Eastern spiritual movement and culture attracted her from the young age. She did karate, and gradually got to know the spirit of yoga, the different schools of yoga.
  • From 1990 she tried to learn about yoga from books, presentations and courses. The first yoga direction which she could safely follow she got from Miklós Zoltai, whose courses, yoga weekends and lectures she attended for several years. In his camps, she teaches yoga for children for 18 years.
  • In acquiring the spirit of yoga and its practice she got a lot of opportunities and help from different masters, teachers and fellows practicing yoga. –
  • She has learnt a lot from Miklós Zoltai since 1996 on courses, camps and other events organized by him
    In Tiszaújváros she went to classes held by László Sós.
  • In 2002, she became a student of Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, and she got mantra diksha. She attended the Camps organized by the master, presentations and other events regularly. She visited Vép, Szeged, Trencin, Sztrilky and the ashram in Debrecen.
  • She participated Swami Chidanand’s intensive weekends, lectures regularly for 10 years in Békéscsaba and Debrecen.
  • She learned from Miklós Szatmár and Éva Gyúró trainers in the Baraka yoga school and got her yoga Hatha yoga and quantum yoga teaching qualification.

Application of yoga in her pedagogical practice:

The inspiration to apply yoga in her pedagogical work came from her consultant Éva Takács, who being a yoga instructor herself showed me the versatile potential of yoga in personality development.

Parallel with her yoga studies she tried to widen and expand her knowledge and skills to be able to pass on yoga to children by books, presentations, and through attending other children yoga instructors’ sessions. The first material which was published in 1993 and she has been using since then is Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda’s: Yoga with Children book.

She has built and kept relationships with kindergartens of reform lifestyle.

As a leader of Hétszínvirág Nursery in Sajóörös, from 1995 onwards she has developed a local educational program of the kindergarten ("Multi-angled personality development with the tools of arts ") in which "yoga for children system" appeared first as a part of the program, and then was integrated into the educational program. It proved to be an effective method for children, based on feedback from parents and professionals. Yoga is built in the whole process of education in a complex way as a tool of physical, emotional - mental and social skills development. The drama and puppetry, art activities, games, learning and yoga interactively help each other and form a unity in the process of education and development.

The kindergarten’s "Tree of Life" program supporting different talents, yoga has been built in as an emotion releasing and talents supporting method.

Their talent of workshop was accredited, excellent “talent point” in 2012. The results of the experience coming from the implementation of their pre-school program they presented on shows, presentations, community work sessions and by accepting visitors parents and teachers who could relate positively with their work. As recognition of her Pedagogical Management work, she received honors from Local authority officials in 2005.

Parallel with the application of "Yoga for children system" she worked out the yoga training program for school children in response to an emerging need from children leaving kindergarten. As part of the program, in addition to the former yoga, drama and artistic methods she integrated elements of other self-development tools she learned and practiced (Emotional Freedom Technique, mind switching brain training, yoga mudras, vibrational and sound therapy). To assist the development of emotional and social skills of children she has developed the educational material "Yoga in pairs within the system of yoga for children”. In addition to her multi-faceted daily pedagogical work, in recent years she was able present the results and experiences regarding these exercises on various forums: Picasa Web Photo Album

  • Since 1988, in yoga sessions and creative workshops organized by the Debrecen Yoga Association.
  • 2005-2006, leading yoga sessions for children in Miskolc.
  • Ongoing Yoga demonstrations, presentations in kindergartens, schools
  • In 2006, within the framework of school drug prevention program led yoga sessions in Tiszaújváros.
  • Since 2008, every year leads a yoga and creative summer camp with her sister Szilvia Szegedy in Tiszaújváros.
  • In 2008, she took part in the First National Conference on Yoga for children in Veszprém as a speaker.
  • In 2010, Debrecen, "National Methodological Yoga Conference", presenter of yoga in pairs.
  • Since 2011, leads children's yoga sessions in salt caves.
  • 2013. Instructor at Hungarian Yoga Academy’s Child Yoga instructor training
  • Appearing in articles, and in electronic media.

For the support and help provided in the creation of "Yoga for children" system and in putting in pedagogical practice Tünde Szegedy is grateful to the following persons:

  • Miklós Zoltai, who has been helping her yoga education for children with teaching, kind advice and the opportunity to practice for many years.
  • Aranka Apró, who has given advice and opportunity to hold yoga sessions for children from the start. - Colleagues, fellow teachers who helped with giving the feedback, facilities and opportunity to work.
  • Judit Antal, who introduced the wide possibilities of children's emotional and social development to her and helped to enrich the "Yoga for children" system in this direction.
  • Mónika Bertalan, with who they are in a helping relationship for many years and who has helped to further enrich her work and has been giving feedback on results.

Further goals:

Ongoing development, enrichment and spreading of the “Yoga for children” system.

She would like to get to know and help more and more teachers, educators and adults taking care of children, who share the goal of expanding the beautiful spirit and practice of yoga to others and to apply it in the everyday teaching and brining up of children.

Please see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NTtAnq2qhKo#!

Swami Veda Bharati’s last words

to the Hungarian Sangha before his 5 years silence in 2012, in Budapest:

“...And if you practice nothing else, keep your forehead relaxed, and practice breath awareness 2-3 times daily, whatever do with your mind repeatedly, will become the mind's habit. In this way the mind rediscovers its own original, pure, luminous and calm nature. God and Guru bless you all.”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhLKB_ZN6Rs


“You were a child and have grown up.
You stay young and as adult too,
live your life with pure heart,
enriching others
and your pure child self.”

(Mónika Bertalan: Silencemagic poetry book, 1994, poem Epilogue)



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