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July 2017 Newsletter

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In July, worldwide we celebrated both Guru Purnima, a day of rejoicing and making resolutions to, as Swami Rama said, “obtain our goal, which is peace, happiness and bliss, and serve others selflessly, and love others selflessly,” and the life of Swami Veda Bharati, who wrote, “I have used one criterion for all my thoughts, my words, and my actions: ‘Is this conducive to spiritual liberation.’” We have also completed the 40 day Spiritual Festival, during which we are invited to “decide to undertake further observances of self-purification for next year.”

Pandit Priyadarshan (Pierre Lefebvre) reported that he has been working on editing segments of Swami Veda's teaching on videos on Swami Ritavan's request, and on the day before the 2nd Mahasamadhi Anniversary of Swami Veda, he shared the news of some new uploads. Please see the article “New SVB Videos on YouTube” in this newsletter for the list of the videos that have been uploaded on the AHYMSIN YouTube channel with their URL links.

In 2018, we will be celebrating the finale of Swami Veda's 5-year Mauna Vrata (silence vow) for which 3 silence retreats have been scheduled.  Please see the article “Silence Retreats in Celebration” in this newsletter.

“With the completion of three years of ardha-mauna vow, my life has been blessed to continue with the fulfillment of the vow undertaken by our Beloved Swamiji. So in 2018, we will again gather as a sangha, and with a purnahuti, bring the 5-year mauna vow to a fruitful conclusion. Your support, your encouragement comes in the form of your own meaningful silence. May you embrace this ultimate svadhyaya as taught, guided, and practiced by Swami Veda throughout his life. Take the vow-the commitment of a half-day a week, a full day a month, a silence retreat each year, or a 40-day silence at your spiritual home in Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG). May our Gurudeva Bless you, May our Beloved Swamiji bless you, May all the Saints, Sages, Boddhi-sattvas of all Traditions and Lineages Bless you. OM Sham –,” Swami Ritavan in the 2015 Interview.

This month Stephen Parker (Stoma) and Ashutosh Sharma were at the 2017 Hungarian Silence Retreat near Lake Balaton, and Stoma wrote, “On the last night, as we were enjoying satsanga with each other, all at once a wave of love struck the whole group. My heart was so full.”

An egret visited SRSG. Divya Gupta photographed it and commented that SRSG is “Nature's haven!!”

Joanne Sullivan (Divya), who also saw the egret, was inspired to write:

The air plump with rain
but no rain: white egret walks
past my door, stilled rain.

Upcoming Events at SRSG in 2017 and 2018 include: ongoing guest programmes,  Programs for Non-Initiates, Application of Yoga Psychology in Daily Life Retreat with a Jageshwar Mahamritunjaya Temple Pilgrimage, a Preparation Course on Shaivite Tantra, a Retreat-Seminar on The Heart of Recognition (The Pratyabhijñā Hrdayam of Ksemarāja) with Dr. Bettina Sharada Bäumer, Breath Retreats, Christian Meditation Retreat, the International Yoga Youth and Children's Retreats, teacher training retreats, initiate retreats,  Navaratri Devi-Pujas, Mauni Amavasya Silence Retreats, silence retreats in 2018 in celebration of the finale of Swami Veda's 5-year Mauna Vrata (silence vow), the Purnahuti for Swami Veda's 5-year Mauna Vrata, Yoga Nidra Retreat, Spiritual Festival Retreat, Guru Purnima Retreat, and Mahasamadhi Anniversary Retreat (3rd Anniversary of Swami Veda Bharati's Mahasamadhi).

Newsletter Articles

“... this life line is hung on two invisible zeros or dots or circles. We have to analyse who we are.”
       — Swami Rama     (from Life and Karma)

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July Newsletter Articles

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  1. On Leaving the Body by Swami Veda Bharati
  2. Life and Karma by Swami Rama
  3. Is an Ashram for Me? by Swami Ritavan Bharati
  4. Silence Retreats in Celebration by Swami Ritavan Bharati
  5. New SVB Videos on YouTube
  6. Guru Purnima and Mahasamadhi by Divya Gupta
  7. Guru Purnima and Mahasamadhi 2017 by Sofia Foteina
  8. Celebration in Pune by Shirin Venkat
  9. Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is…
  10. Children Celebrate Yoga Day by Sofia Foteina
  11. International Day of Yoga 2017 by Himalayan Yoga Science Society Sabah
  12. Swami Rama Book Available by Swami Rama Centre
  13. October Prana-Vidya Workshop by Randall Krause (Mokshadeva)
  14. 2017 Events and Beyond
  15. Full Moon Meditation Dates
  16. Location of our SRSG ashram

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