ahymsin newsletter, issue - 17, February - march 2010  

Devotional Poems

John David Wilson composed the following three devotional poems
on a recent pilgrimage to the mountains outside of Rishikesh.

I. Vashistha’s Cave

The blue green Ganges
gushes through the mountain gorge
       to water the fields of India.

So, too, my world heart
Pours peace upon
           open souls.

Swift glacial run off
Remains of ancient snows:
Capturing light years
of star light
Within your atomic ecstasies
       Deep in the cave of the body
       Eternal star burst flowers in Bliss.

As we follow the river
Back down the
         to Rishikesh,

Glimpses of ancient meditations
The energy still almost audible,
Now in the cave of the skull:

Mantras cutting valleys
         through the mindfield.

II. Shiva Consciousness

Getting to know Lord Shiva,
The ever meditative consciousness,
Is a process of releasing
Our scepticism, doubt and self doubt,
Our illusion that such
       knowing is distant or
       beyond our capabilities.

Having practiced stilling
       the body, mind, emotions
And entering the inner ascension,
Know that consciousness
Meditating on the thousand
       petalled lotus crown.

Unify that consciousness
With the universal Being,
Knowing this, also, as your body,
The ever meditative
       universal guru spirit:
Over time you will
become familiar
               with the path.

Given all these suns and planets,
You have chosen this space and time
to exist in this sector of the Eternal infinities.
Recall your purpose
Knowing that the work is
       never done alone,
       That purpose is communal from preconception.

Know that upon which
       Lord Shiva meditates,
The mystery, the source,
       the shakti giving Shiva form.

Make your offerings to the dark goddess,
the Mother of both gods
       and humans and all else.

Resolve to know every
       breath and movement
As the dance of that divine energy.
Let every thought arise
from and return to
Her divine effulgence.

III. Yajna

My many Karma seeds,
Bowls filled again and again,
Burn in pinches of offerings
To your Eternal Fire.

Offering habits wound around time,
Eventually I find the rhythm,
The inner flow of growth,
The release of illusion
               into the Real.

Repetition like the habits of life,
Allows us to counteract the unconscious,
To open doors through time
And arrive again where we begin.

Kundalini crawling,
Awaiting the inexplicable
With Eternal patience
Awaits the Master's alignment,
Enticing the mystery
               into Existence.

All that is,
       In the eyes of the divine,
Shines with the dark glow
Of an inner universe
       so silent and serene
We find it only when
We worship at your
               hidden inner altar.