AHYMSIN newsletter, issue - June 2011  

HYT-TTP Replacement, Rishikesh

(Announcing Maryon’s Replacement as HYT-TTP Office Manager in Rishikesh)

By Maryon Maass

Namaste Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It is my privilege to announce my replacement for the HYT-TTP office management here at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) as of the end of the November 2011 TTP.  Our own Carolyn Hodges will take over the position. Gangesh Chaitanya, a long time ashramite, will be assisting her.  Carolyn’s background in education and administration makes her a natural choice. She has clear and certain visions of the future of the Indian TTP and will offer professional and loving guidance to the new Indian students coming aboard.  Carolyn has already been participating in coordinating the July 2011 Minnesota TTP and has a good solid lead on the ins and outs of our system and is working closely with Chuck Linke, our Director.

You may already know the office in Rishikesh is moving in the direction of being independent from the North American TTP.  We will not be offering official Yoga Alliance credit hours for the teacher training retreats in India, but participants will be able to earn Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Ahymsin participation letters. For those who wish to receive formal hours, you will be attending in Minnesota for your trainings.

It was an honor to serve our teachers and student teacher since 2007 in the Rishikesh office. I love calling this office the “Pink Cave.”  It is complete with two extra-large photos of Swami Rama on either sides of an enormous desk, reminding me of many of his loving quotes from Him.  I feel truly transformed since the conception of this position, ( it was possibly my rebirth). In June I will be traveling to Santiago, Chile, to explore an opportunity to serve our tradition there. Then I will renew my visa in San Francisco, California, this fall and return to SRSG to be tending to the November TTP.

As always, I will be available by email , and for certain I will be on the TTP email at  to look after our students’ questions and registrations as usual until the end of the year or as long as it takes… Thank you all for your loving support to make the TTP a success for our tradition.

Please continue to come to the ashram to be with our continuous programs and events, particularly February and March 2013, for the messages from Swami Veda to ALL teachers in our tradition. Meaning ALL of those who teach their children, their neighbors , their community and those who have ever taught in our tradition ..ALL . The message is the final message for us before his long awaited silence.

Do know we are always open to have your time for seva during any and all events. Do let the organizers know what you are available for, and I cannot end this note without mentioning that the costs for  bringing our teaching staff from around the globe is expensive, ( you would know if you have bought an airline ticket lately), thus your dakshina offering of any amount will be a blessing that keeps on giving.

In Loving Service,

Maryon Maass