AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - August 2011  

A Dedicated Family Member Serves Soldiers

by Swami Veda Bharati

Such a variety of events. Such a wonderful diversity of dedicated friends. That is the AHYMSIN Family.

Here is one family member Komal Bissesswar, a priest from Surinam residing with his family in the Netherlands, one of the Founders and Leaders of our organisation in that country. He is now also holding the position of Major, in his capacity as a priest ministering to the Hindu soldiers in the Dutch army. These pictures were taken in June 2011.

Komal’s story:

Towards the end of the summer of 2009, I applied for a job as chaplain (“krijgsmachtpandit” in Dutch) for the Hindu soldiers within the Dutch army.  One of the prerequisites for the job was having some knowledge and experience in yoga and meditation. So, I was accepted as one of the candidates for the job. After passing all the tests (physical, medical, mental), in which the other candidates failed, I started in the winter of 2010 with a military training at the Dutch Royal Military Academy. This was two-and-half month military specialist training.  It was a challenge, both mentally and physically; it was tough and cold, but I survived and successfully passed the training.

Now I’m working as one of the two chaplains in the Dutch army and helping the Hindu soldiers in whichever way possible in fulfilling their job. I’m also teaching Hatha classes at some of the military camps. These classes are open for everyone at the camps.

This all (the job becoming vacant, my application for the job after closure date, my background in yoga and meditation, my being chosen as a candidate, my passing through the initial tests and the training)  was only possible through the blessings of the lineage.  It is all “namama”, not mine !

Thank you Swamiji.