AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - October 2011  

You Should Teach your Children through Example

by Swami Rama

When you make meditation a part of your life, your children will follow your example. Exemplary education is very important for children. Children imitate their parents; you don’t have to teach them to meditate. Never do that. You should teach your children through example how to sit quietly and make their minds one-pointed. When you sit in meditation, your child will also come and sit next to you and pretend to do what you are doing. In this way the child will come to know what you are doing and will also form the habit of sitting with you.

I used to do that in my childhood. When my master would sit in meditation, I would sit next to him. When I wanted his attention, I would climb onto his lap. He wouldn’t say anything to me, so I would do something to get his attention. Then he would rub my forehead, and I did not know what had happened. I am sure I was not sleeping. If you sit in meditation, and your child comes and sits next to you and closes his eyes, it is very helpful for the child. Do you think the child is meditating? I say the child is meditating better than you are. Even when a child simply imitates you when you are meditating, it is very helpful for the child.

Meditation is a very powerful thing that gives helpful vibrations to all. When you meditate, it definitely affects your children. If you record the brain waves of a child who is sleeping while you are meditating, you will find a difference. Even your plants and your pets are affected when you meditate. Instead of imposing your ego or your emotional problems on your children in the name of discipline, please discipline yourself, and then your children will also learn.

Editor’s Note:

Swami Veda has invited families to the Yoga Youth and Children’s Retreat 22nd – 31st December 2011 at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) in Rishikesh, India, “So that the Grace and the practices and teachings of meditation in our lineage may continue into next generations and meditation may become a family-centered experience.”  We invite you to visit the Yoga Youth and Children’s website at and to read this page that has two writings by Swami Veda.
The Swami Rama writing above is an excerpt from his book, Let the Bud of Life Bloom.  This book can be purchased from Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust in India (   HIHT writes about the book: “In Let the Bud of Life Bloom, Swami Rama gives us relevant, practical insights into forming the basis of a happy life through a happy childhood. Through blending the best of our ancient values with new inventions, children can grow into healthy, creative adults.”  It is also available from The Meditation Center online bookstore that ships nationally and internationally and Amazon