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  AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - December 2011  

TTP Graduation Talk

by Swami Veda

Transcription from Swami Veda’s talk on 19th November 2011, done by Michelle Kinsey

Cannot stop my old habit of speaking.

Just a few words to share.

In the path of Yoga, there are two sides, you can say three. The state of deep serenity and silence, that is what true yoga is.

That is what our goal is. Not the path of excitation. Not the path of thrills. Not the path of advertising. Humble silence.

Then, there is the method. Scientific method.

From the changes that occur in your personality, in your mind through that scientific method: how they show themselves, how they express themselves in your behavior in your pattern of speech, in how you sit, in how you walk… How does one speak, how does one sit, how does one walk, how does one conduct himself in company, in relationships, in the society?

The three are integrated. Now when you are a teacher you are teaching all these three.

Not just the method.

But does your teaching of the method lead the student to serenity. To silence. Does it improve his relationship with his wife? Does it improve her relationship with her husband? Does it improve your interaction with the society? Do you take a little less from Nature than you used to take.

All of that is part of our teaching.

Bearing that in mind, think of your role as a teacher.

Not one who will go back from here and hang a certificate. I have a certificate from the Himalayas. I have no certificate

First time back in 1950’s when I first went to the west, I was taken to see a very modern yoga studio.

Yoga what? Studio? What is the connection between the two? I could not figure out. I thought yoga was sitting in silence practicing meditation. I had no idea that yoga had studios.

So I was taken to this yoga studio and for the first time I saw a certificate hanging behind the easy chair of the director. From the forest university of Rishikesh. I am looking. As a gentleman, I am looking at the certificate. Where is the yogi? I did not know yogis had certificates

It was a shock. One of the shocks that one gets, especially sixty years back.

Nowadays India is also flooded by thousands of these certified teachers.

That is the END of YOGA.

So please understand what the goal aim and purpose of yoga is.

Please understand what your role as a teacher is.

It is only and none other but leading suffering humanity to spiritual enlightenment.

Health, beauty, clear skin, the studio yoga – will come along by itself. It will happen for you without announcing, without pulling the yoga down to the level of your skin.

And you detect a slight anger in my voice in the last sentence; it is intentional.

You have brought the yoga down to the level of the skin.

If you have come to learn from the tradition of Swami Rama and all the sages of the past going back to Patañjali and you have learned something from these great teachers who have been serving you day and night, then you will go back and you will not teach yoga at the level of a certificate. You will not teach yoga on the strength of a certificate. You will teach yoga on the strength of your spiritual personality. Your magnetism that comes from meditation.

The meditative magnetism is far stronger than any other type of magnetism. It is because of that that you are drawn to this ashram. IT is the specialty of this ashram, that magical meditational magnetism.

And wherever you are your ashram is.

Wherever you are, people look at you and say, there is something about you- will you teach me. Then you are a yoga teacher. Not on the strength of your certificate. The only certificate that I recognize is the certificate your students give you. Not the certificate that your teachers give you. But the certificate that your students give you.

Oh, I went to this yoga class and I felt so loved. I went to this yoga class and I came back feeling serene and silent.

That is the only certificate you need.

Gurudeva Swami Rama taught us, made his body disappear. Went away. This body of 79 will not last forever. These teachers will continue, and I am hoping that they will be teaching and training the next line of teachers and that you will help them, in carrying out the mission that Gurudeva Swami Rama and his humble servant has established.

I am now withdrawn from all management, all teaching, all activity, as I’m contradicting myself obviously. And the only thing I will have to teach you is silence.

As you know 2013... in the meantime I have a few loose ends to tie.

And I need everybody’s help and these people, self sacrificing people are giving that help.

So bear this in mind: what you learn, let it become part of your personality, part of your magnetism.

Your presences should have a healing power on the mind of those who sit by your side in a train. Your mind should have the power to heal those wounded minds who you do not know who sit on the plane next to you on an airplane.

Then you are a yoga teacher


Some of you will say at this time, “Who me? Well, if that is the standard required, then I better not teach.”

Teaching is the teacher’s best teacher. Teaching is a teachers best teacher.

It is by teaching that you learn. Because when you are teaching on the path of yoga you’re not teaching from your notebook, you are teaching not from a text book, you are teaching from your heart and soul.

And if you are teaching from your heart and soul, you will not claim to be a teacher. You will not say, “I am a teacher.” You will not advertise yourself tomorrow when you go back home freshly enlightened in the Himalayas.

There are people that are doing that. And they are doing it in my name! And I see their advertisements. And I see their websites. Please, don’t do that to me. Don’t do that to my Guru, ok?

When you teach, surrender.
Tasmai shri guruave namah.

Not mine
I surrender all my claims of ego

To that guru
Guru deva
Guru lineage

You please teach and let the holy spirit teach and you listen. That is how you learn.

All these teachers. What they learnt at the feet at Swami Rama. What they learnt from this humble self. More than that is what they learn by teaching in this way. What they learn by teaching in this spirit.

Continue that spirit.

And seek that your students give you the certificate. Not a written certificate. Not testimonial that you can put on your website. “Dear teacher, I came to your class very disturbed and I went away feeling very peaceful you are the greatest teacher.” You put that on the website. You don’t need to do that. You don’t need those testimonials.

Your presence is the testimonial

And let the student go back and say, “Yes I went to that yoga class I went to that yoga group and I came away feeling my mind touching the fringes of silence.”

If you can teach that silence to the people, you have taught everything.

God bless you all. Wish you success. Success in what? Wish you success in your self enlightenment. Wish you success in what? Wish you success in your obtaining Your inner serenity and silence. Wish you success in discovering your hidden lights so that it may come out and illuminate your presence and the whole world.

God bless you all

Wish you success