Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Chakra Puja

by Swami Veda Bharati

Today (April 28, 2012) we had a marvellously spiritual experience at the new Mother shrine at SRSG.

Swami Niranjan Teerth, a dandi swami of Shringeri tradition, told me several days back that he is a shri-vidya worshipper and performs Her puja daily.

He is a wandering swami, a true parivrajaka, with no home nor hearth. His gurudeva asked his parents to give him (to the guru) while he was yet 6 years old. Raised him, taught him, trained him into shri-vidya.

He has been greatly influenced by Living with the Himalayan Masters of Swami Rama and spends much time wandering in the Himalayas (and in the plains). Formerly a textile engineer he took the swami vows 12 years back and performs his three pujas a day.

I asked him if he would do a puja for us in the shrine. He readily agreed.

He said, a puja can take any length of time from 45 minutes to ten hours.
I settled for 2 hours.

The puja began at 4.30 a.m. and lasted for 5 spellbinding hours.

The entire puja was done with silent recitation and with the sign language of mudras. The Swamiji performing it all in a very conscious meditative sate.

If you have not seen it, you will not believe it. Summer is here; everybody has left. The 15-20 people sat for these five hours. Some legs ached; they stood. One resident swami with five ruptured discs in his back sat straight for the five hours.

I had seen my Master lying in bed and doing all sorts of mudras. I asked him what he was doing? He said ‘I am doing my puja’.

Today we saw how that puja is done. A veritable dance of DEVOTION, YET IN CONCENTRATED STILLNESS. Every word of the prayer mantra recitations was spelled out only in gesture, with silent recitations.

There is a well-established tradition among wandering swamis since Vedic times that 4 rainy months of the year they undertake ‘sthala-sanyasa’, confining themselves to one ashram or such place. It is called simply chatur-masya (Four Months) and everyone in the traditions knows what vows are involved during that period. Swami Niranjan Teerth was looking for a place to undertake his chaturmasya for this year. I have invited him to be at our Ashram. He will stay here from 28th June till 28th November, performing his daily three long pujas in solitude.

Regarding the photo to the right, in the texts She is often described as ‘aruna’ in complexion – golden yellow. I was rather attached to Her pure white form of sattvic purity. But now I see Her here in her golden-yellow and love Her in this form also.

Swami Niranjan Teerth is so true to the Tradition that he does not wish himself publicised; does not wish to see people (because they are not prepared). He maintains strict sanctity/secrecy of his science which he will give to some very chosen disciple whose impurities he has first 'burned' as the guru-disciple tradition dictates.

A more detailed article is being written about it [the next article in this newsletter, “Shree Chakra Puja in the Devi Temple and A Discussion with a Wandering Monk”]. Here are some photos of today’s puja.

Editor’s Note:

The puja in this article was done in the new Shrine to Mother Divine.  For more about this, please the articles at the links below:

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