Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Three New Books by Swami Veda

One soon to be released - please order now.

Two more will be released on the occasion of his taking a vow of silence in 2013. Especially if you are not coming to that event, please reserve your copies now. How many copies for your friends/Center/Group?

For more information and for placing orders: http://www.ahymsin.org/main/index.php/Contact-Us/Book-and-DVD-Orders.html

Living in the Mother's Light

Being released to honour the occasion of the consecration of a new shrine with crystal Shri-chakra and a marble figure of Ma (Divine Mother), this is a collection of few of Swami Veda’s inspirations. Few of the sample sentences here:

  1. May your spirit be both eagle and swan. To soar to celestial heights, to glide in contemplation on the waters of Grace.
  2. May you be a mirror to God’s brilliance.
  3. I love to swim in the rivers that flow between word-hills.

Bhagavad-Gita as Found in Yoga-Vasishta

The Bhagavad-gita you are familiar with is a part of the great 3pic MAHABAHARATA. This version, lying obscure was not known widely except to those who have read the world’s most lyrical 26000-verse philosophical epic YOGA-VASISHTHA. It is almost completely different from the known versions of the Bhagava-gita.

In the background story we read:

Sage Vasishtha tells Rama: In a forthcoming age the Lord will simultaneously incarnate in two forms. One form His fully enlightened one, and the other pretending to be ignorant. Krishna, the Wise Incarnation, will enlighten Arjuna in these words.

Do read the words in Swami Veda’s translation with a detailed introduction.

 Kundalini: Stirred or Stilled?

What exactly is Kundalini? What is the meaning of opening of the chakras? Why does my body shake, sway to and fro and otherwise move during meditation? What should I do about it?

One eminent figure who read the draft of the book wrote back to say “I have never read such a lucid and complete book on kundalini”.

Stirred or Stilled? The adventure-seekers want all the dramatic movements and flashes. The stillness-seeker knows that the true symptom of an awakened kundalini is total stillness.

Editor's Note:

To read about the consecration of a new shrine with crystal Shri-chakra and a marble figure of Ma (Divine Mother) and view pictures taken of this event:

Also read the “Tara Comes to Town” article earlier in this newsletter.