Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi
  AHYMSIN Newsletter, Issue - Dec 2012  

Shouting from the Roof Tops!

by Denise Martin-Harker

A Silence Retreat in the UK : October 5th -8th 2012

We packed the car with all we would need to support the silence - Joints and Glands, Japa, Contemplative Walking, Nadi Shodhanam, Relaxation and Meditation, and one extra ingredient, Swami Nityamuktananda.

And off we went into the Cambridgeshire countryside for 3 days of Silence.

Arriving at Shire Barn – a warm cottage with a large lounge which would be our practice place and a bedroom for everyone to enjoy their own space - time to be. A beautiful garden for contemplative walking and the bonus of sunshine and crisp mornings that mark the onset of autumn.

Eight lovely people all sharing Silence. All prepared to submit to the power of Silence – knowlingly or unknowlingly –for such is the power of Silence.

This Silence is more than just getting away from it all, more than just a yoga retreat, more than just recharging the batteries. It is time to turn down the volume of the external and the internal world, so that we can really hear and really see ‘Who am I’.

Time to become aware of our patterns, our habits, our tendencies. Time to quiet the mind so these patterns can reveal themselves …allowing us to take a look and let go of what we do not need. A chance to start to cultivate new healthy habits that will balance us so we are not pulled this way and that by life, by our emotions, by our patterns, by our samskaras. And perhaps go home a few pounds lighter after shedding some baggage – or at least seeing the baggage and planning to shed some of it.

So what happened next –well, here are some thoughts from one of the 8 …

‘The silent retreat has most certainly sown seeds that are set to blossom.   

I think we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to experience and explore silence in such a safe and supported environment.  I went into this with no expectations, thinking that it would be a good chance to have a 'breather' from life and maybe give me a drive to try to make time for 'alone time and silence' in a hectic schedule.  What I experienced was being blown away by the power of silence, the realisation of the amount of 'hiding' and 'pretending' we do in day to day life, and a new found respect for the science of yoga and the practices.  I've come away not with the goal of making time for silence, but the goal of incorporating silence into my day to day life and interactions ... now ... that'll need some work but little by little I find I recognise more minutes ... (seconds?) of silence ... as I go about my day to day business.

I'm just not sure I should be shouting from the roof tops about the weekend ... I don't want too much competition for further retreats!!”

So take a Silent retreat, a Silent day, cultivate Silence and incorporate that Silence into your daily life. Change your life and shout from the rooftops in Silence – people will hear you in a way they never have before.

We offer Silent days and retreats here in the UK.  Everyone is welcome (www.awareyoga.co.uk )

With thanks to our teachers for their guidance and encouragement in exploring and sharing Silence.

From Within Silence

Denise Martin-Harker

Oh Senses how you drain us of energy
Agitating this poor overworked mind
Filling it with more information we do not need and is not true
How do we still the water, clear this murky pond?
The answer is inside, just STOP…LISTEN
Breath, Mantra … SILENCE