Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi
  AHYMSIN Newsletter, Issue - Dec 2012  

“Nbr 15” Put Wrinkles 0n My Forehead!

by Denise Martin-Harker

So many people said “wow you sold your house in 1 week, looked at one the next day and bought it. That's’ quite something, you must be in harmony with the universe for it to be that easy.”

During the various checks and balances, stresses and paperwork, many people said wow, you look relaxed; it’s stressful moving house you know!

And my ego thought ‘yes, we are handling this really well, aren’t we. Extra points for ME. This is easy!

Then came the day when we moved into the new place …hmmm, not quite as we thought. Heating and water system broken, house extremely dirty, problems with drains outside, cooker broken, kitchen covered in grease, damp patches on the walls, an overgrown garden and a list that could continue … you get the idea!

Oh, Ego, what have we done!!  And that's when it started, the wrinkles in my mind and wrinkles on my forehead.

‘Don’t worry’, said Manas into my efficient pattern of getting everything sorted out. ‘I'll have this done Yesterday. Organising workman, working all the hours I can scrubbing, cleaning, gardening…pushing to get things how I WANT them, so I get back to my nice, organised, comfortable life as soon as possible.

Yet more wrinkles on my forehead appeared.

One morning I woke up and thought …I’m exhausted, and I have let my yoga practices go because I’m so tangled up in this house (“Nbr 15”), completely preoccupied, I’m not nice to be around, I’m not balanced and my forehead is definitely not relaxed !

So as the saying goes, time to Let Go, Let Go, Let Go …

Let Go of pushing and rushing to get everything done, what is the hurry after all?
Because I WANT? Because I NEED everything a certain way for me to live and practice?

So this is a thank you to “Nbr 15” for the reminder…for being part of my sadhana.
It's so easy to get caught in life, in your patterns, in your wants and desires, you can convince yourself you are doing it all so you can settle and get back to your practices or to help someone else or whatever justification the mind cooks up …

Yoga offers us the opportunity to learn NOT to get pulled this way and that by life’s challenges, and the only way to achieve that is to stay with our practices –no matter what else is happening. In fact, when life is challenging we need our practices more than ever. This life and its challenges are part of our sadhana, if we observe ourselves and are committed to learn and change we can grow from these experiences. All experiences.

From that morning on I went back to trying to Relax my forehead …perhaps the hardest yoga practice of all.

With thanks to our teachers who are forever patient as we continue to wrinkle our foreheads.

Editor’s Note:

Denise Martin-Harker has a yoga center in the United Kingdom.  We invite you to visit the website: http://www.awareyoga.co.uk/

Denise, along with Tacson Fernandez and Rajini Prakash, are representatives of the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Group of UK.