Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi
  AHYMSIN Newsletter, Issue - Jan 2013  

Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is…

Sometimes students write to or ask Swami Veda and other senior teachers in our tradition questions about practice.  When this happens, Swami Veda may answer the question himself or ask a senior teacher to do so, or if the question is asked directly to a senior teacher, the senior teacher will respond.  This is one such “Question and Answer,” or Q&A.


Every morning I practice Kapalabhati, bellows breath and nadi shodhana. Yesterday found out that am having irregular heartbeat with premature ventricular contractions. At this point it's not dangerous but could be if gets worse.

Want to check with you whether the kapalabhati and bellows could be aggravating this?

Answer from Swami Veda

I am shocked and worried about your minor episode of the heart condition. I would not advise any hyperventilation with any kind of heart problem.  

Nadi Shodhana is highly recommended and also 20 minutes 3 times a day diaphragmatic breathing in makarasana and shavasana.   Also Ujjayi.  In the case of Ujjayi although the physical sound is in the throat centre imagine that it is arising from the heart centre upwards.  

Do not neglect any medication that the doctor recommends. 

I hope you feel well and strong.

January 2012