Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi
  AHYMSIN Newsletter, Issue - April 2013  

HYT-TTP Newsletter, March 2013

by Maryon Maass

Hello Everyone,

We just completed another great HYT-TTP Level 1 retreat here at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in Rishikesh. Attending were fifteen fine students representing nine countries: Germany, India, Hungary, Japan, China, USA, Italy, Nepal, and the United Arab Emirates. Our family comes from far and wide to participate in this life changing experience.

Halfway through the two weeks, we had our customary outing to HIHT (Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust).  It was clear that the favorite spot was the Swami Rama Center where I found everyone in a calm state meditating near the Mahasamadhi room.  We thank our hosts at the Ayurveda Center, who always honor our visit with  a wonderful background talk about Ayurveda and its value. Thank you to both Dr. Prathiba Mamgain and Dr. Ravindra Mamgain who lovingly present these talks for us. We all would love to come to do Pancha Karma with you!

A second outing was led by Silvia Baratta and Swami Ma Radha Bharati. They took the group on a refreshing early morning walk along the Ganga to Sadhana Mandir, Swami Rama’s ashram. Following their morning meditation in the meditation hall was a delicious breakfast and then a tuk-tuk ride back to SRSG. The group then kept silence until the afternoon sessions.

Swami Veda blessed us with his presence on the final night when the students receive their certificates.  This group was the first to experience Swami Veda “speaking” in silence through a projection of his words as he typed on his computer. He made us laugh with his opening joke. Please see the Ahymsin newsletter for the transcript of Swami’s wonderful words… Thank you for your love and inspiration Swami-ji. [Note: Swami Veda’s presentation to the HYT-TTP class is the article immediately following this one, “Secret History of Teaching.”]

This year we celebrated as two students received 600 hour graduation certificates: Geeta Currimjee from Mauritius who is opening a center there, and Pierre Lefebvre from Quebec, Canada, where he has also started a center. In addition, Kai Stenlund from the USA received his 200 hour completion certificate. Congratulations to these three students for completing all the requirements of our rigorous Teacher Training Program.

We are grateful to our teachers – Dr. Stephen (Stoma) Parker, Peter Fabian, and Sonia Van Nispen - who tirelessly presented the information and lovingly guided the students. Others who supported the program with their dedication and expertise were Dr. Prabhu, Geeta Bhoi, Giancarlo Columbo, and Pramod Sahoo. A big thank you to all!

Editor’s Note:

For more about the HYT-TTP (Himalayan Yoga Tradition – Teacher Training Program), we invite you to visit their website: http://www.himalayanyogatradition.com/ 

The next HYT-TTP retreat scheduled to take place at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama will be 10th – 23rd November 2013; please see http://www.himalayanyogatradition.com/india.html

HYT-TTP will also be offering teacher training at St. Paul Minnesota, USA, 7th – 21st July 2013.  Please see: http://www.himalayanyogatradition.com/stpaul.html

Pierre Lefebvre has started a center in Quebec, Canada.  The website is http://yogahimalaya.ca/