Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi
  AHYMSIN Newsletter, Issue - May 2013  

Poems Written in India

by John David Wilson

Dehradun, 20 February 2013
Because the gods have been acknowledged,
Loved and nourished and accepted here;
They frequently appear.

Whether looking out from darkest stone,
Or assuming unassuming human form,
Or flighty bird or world brightening flower,
The formless, unseen is not afraid
To manifest repeatedly here.

21 February 2013
In the dark of the night,
As starlight falls upon the mountains,
Collecting first cosmic energies,
The gurus send these blessings,
Like emails to humanity.
Have you opened yours today?

22 February 2013
The gurus never leave.
They live on and on in their Love
Sometimes we think that we leave them,
That we are separate, small, unconnected:
That becomes our illusion.

Never forget Love,
The divine reaches
Through space and time
And awakens your heart,
Inviting you to live in the wholeness,
To be who you came here to be,
The One within the Oneness.

23 February 2013
All these years of practice
Calming the body, the breath and the mind,
Getting to know the Silent One within –
How like a child learning the simple task of tying a bow!

Thus, we have stretched out our sadhana
Over the years of our lives.

All these years of purification,
Cleansing the samskaras, the habits of assembling our personal perspectives:
Only to find the same Truth, which we dove from
Into our incarnation, in this world.

Dive into Life,
Swim under the sea of Being,
Come up again and again,
Remembering who you are
And why you chose to make this watery journey.

Was there some need that called you?
Humanity suffering from separateness?
All those you have loved for ages
Caught in the webs of their own making?

And so you have made many journeys;
incarnating in many forms.
You have learned to bring the healing Oneness,
the Love from which all we know flowers forth,
You have brought the Light of Universes being born
Into these small swimming bodies,
Into this needy, purposed world.
That Light you share,
In friendship with all you meet.

24 February 2013
The red-orange of roses
In the reddened full moon’s light,
So like human flesh,
Cells aging, drying,
Pushing our new fresh petals
To enjoy a few more days.

On and on, the blooming blesses
With both fragrance and beauty
The moonlight temple of healing love.

Full Moon, 25 February 2013
Friend of my Heart,
Come swim,
dwell in Love
In this bubble the divine has created
From which all the worlds,
The moon, the stars, the infinite suns
Arise and play and depart

I feel your unending vibration
Calling all the outer worlds
to your inner blissful Being.
We think that we walk and talk and sweat
In this sweetness of rose petals and chair,
While everyday this Light reaches out to that Light –
Friend blessing Friend –
As the stars sing to one another,
As the moon looks down and loves her billions of children.

Remember to reach inside,
To open these Love gifts
to let their flashing brilliance
Lift your spirit into Oneness.

How differently each person reacts to the Presence of beloved divinity, each according to their level of fear, their attachment to wounds. How much Love will each let into their life today? The divine wanders back and forth, offering, satisfied with the openness of each.

Truly each Consciousness creates its own reality, according to its needs and purposes. In believing our own definitions of ourselves.

Rishikesh, 27 February 2013
Late afternoon Peace
Flows down washing
The busyness of the day away

Silence appears between all people and moments:
It has a timeless density.

Today it is not even spiritual,
Just a reality,
A power of the earth and sky.

Humbled by ego’s emptiness,
Aware of the mind’s trickery,
I find an appropriate altar to offer my intentions.

1 March 2013
Mother Divine calls her children in Love,
Back into her arms
To whisper her utter Silence.

In the early morning
She pears through the vastness
Serene throughout all time and space:
Breaking forth in Beauty everywhere.

Exhaling and inhaling the aroma of existence
Our hearts become altars in her abode
Where words drop silently as flower petals.

I observe your divine Love
Answering the need of All:
Love reflects unto Love
And spreads its way about the world.

I have been drinking your Silence
Drop by drop, year by year,
Nourished inwardly
By your ceaseless Love.

3 March 2013
Divine Blessing

The Lord takes on the forms of fire, of Light, of offerings of the heart,
To acknowledge divinity in all its forms;
The force which holds the field together,
The Consciousness behind the very existence of the field of Love.

To find one’s fit within the field,
Only the inner guru lights the way:
Follow the pathway from Peace.

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