Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi
  AHYMSIN Newsletter, Issue - August 2013  

The Human Urge for Peace; What is Right with the World, 2nd Edition

by Carol Weiler

In this second edition Swami Veda Bharati takes readers on his own marvelous journey through time and across the globe, to observe how people of many different cultures and religions manage to live peaceably and equably together.

From his travel and studies Swami Veda has identified common streams in many religions; among them are: faith in divine revelations and sacred books; reciting sacred words or divine names; holy places; chants, prayer and liturgies; body positions for prayer; sanctity of life cycles; laws regulating diet, marriage; fasting; celibacy and behavior; stories of conquest of temptation; 40-day periods of special spiritual endeavors; belief in a future redeemer; priestly and monastic orders; belief in spiritual liberation and “heavenly consciousness”, and faith in divine grace.

But the common tradition most helpful for pursuit of peace and harmony is the contemplative path of meditation especially the contemplative traditions of silence and meditation whereby the mind is trained to become calm and free of conflict and suggests ways that religious leaders and educators can train parents and students alike to maintain calm, peaceful, harmonious and conflict-free minds.

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