Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi
  AHYMSIN Newsletter, Issue - August 2013  

Mindful Musings

by John David Wilson

I look for you in the starry heavens
And on the passing Spring clouds,
But ever you laugh at my foolishness
And knock at the door of my heart.

While the infinitely bejeweled grasses
Give up the glitter of the morning dew,
I sit in the sunrise with you
And taste the benevolence
From which all Life pours forth.
This nectar deep within
Is Peace experiencing Peace
As Life is at its core.

You awake me in the morning’s darkness
And play with me while the moon and stars set
Revealing new gems in the treasure chest of your Love,
Playing out this little dance of Life.

How can these words point to what you cannot see,
To what has been hidden from your senses
And is known only by a calm mind?

Is it the mystery of tone, the magic of rhythm?
This is but breath linking and soothing body and mind.
Yet there is a path from heart to heart:
Directly we know when we allow ourselves to love.

 It is not I who meditate, but that Spirit within
Which sits or dances in the inner Light;
Which gathers and distributes these jewels of divine treasure,
Your wordless Silence.

Yet, often, I feel that I am not I,
But You, peering down into this world,
Assuming eyes and hands for brief Moments,
Walking in the flesh amongst us
And meditating all the Gathering into Bliss and Light.

I learn to accept that we are both,
The One and the many, the Eternal and the momentary,
The Compassionate and the needy.

Only if my poems transcend all language
And beat upon the human heart as Love moving
In and out of Creation,
As the golden Light that satisfies your soul--
Only then these sounds
Transport the Spirit into every cell of living Being
And circulate this energy as song,
As sweetness calming all rigidities,
Washing away worry with wonder.

[Written in 2013]

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