Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi
  AHYMSIN Newsletter, Issue - August 2013  

HYM Workshop at the Pune Center

by Dr. Shirin Venkat

11th August 2013

Jai Gurudev! is all that can be said. The core group at the Pune Center decided to have a workshop as a refreshers course for just the Sunday morning on 11th August 2013. This was made possible due to the warm gesture of a dear friend Dr. Sanjay Agarwal who loaned the premises above his clinic free of cost. It is really a pretty place - spacious and centrally located, totally empty and well covered. We could only accommodate only 25 participants so it was not advertised greatly. Through word of mouth we got 18 registrations and felt that was a comfortable a number.

Six am on the 11th the core group was at the venue making the last minute checks. The mike guy turned up late so we could not use it, the cameraman forgot his camera, the Audio Visuals failed and the participants turned up one by one! It was thus left to Gurudev to do His own show! The team rallied beautifully with Dr. Venkat guiding the participants to their respective places and doing several chores, Dr. Kedar getting his camera from home and taking a few pictures at the end, Mrs. Vinita Mohoni and Mrs. Lalita Agarwal brought the best homemade Indian breakfast- Poha and Shira for all and finally Dr. Shirin conducted the course live!

Surprisingly the feedback of the participants was excellent and no one felt anything was amiss! We had a young 9 year old who has difficulty with straightening his joints and he too enjoyed being with us even as we did having him and his father.

So all one can say in wonder is that Gurudev does it all.

Editor's Note:

The Pune Center is an AHYMSIN Affiliate Center.  They recently celebrated their 2nd anniversary; see http://www.ahymsin.org/docs2/News/1307Jul/09.html

The center conducts meditation classes in Pune, India. Most of the first sadhakas at the center are patients of Dr. Shirin Venkat, who is a practicing Gynecologist and Obstetrician, but husbands and others are also encouraged to come.  For more information, please write to [email protected]


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