Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi
  AHYMSIN Newsletter, Issue - November 2013  

The Hazel Diaries III

by Roxanne Currie

I took Hazel to the Zoo.  She was 3.  She loved animals so much she’d chase them. Neighborhood cats, ladybugs, dogs, worms and squirrels were her best friends, but they never let her get close – well, not more than once. 

I said “If you want the animals to come to you, sit down, do yoga.” (Sometimes this works even if you don’t want it to)  At first she’d put one foot against the other ankle in a “twee” which was unsuccessful for critter catching. I said “it has to be a seated posture” which began well but then quickly evolved into a spinal twist ending in her crawling, then running toward the object of her desire.  She’s very social.    

On this day, we were in the Orangutan house at Como Park Zoo. There was a male, a female and a baby.  The zoo was crowded on that hot summer day.  The animals were behind thick glass. Hazy went up to the glass and placed her hands on the glass and when I leaned closer I could hear her quietly chanting “oooooooooommmm.” At that moment, the male orangutan hopped, swung and lumbered directly over to her and put his hands on the glass opposite hers as though they were inmate and visitor. 

People began to notice. They backed away, watching, elbowing each other. I fumbled for my camera and snapped this picture as the orangutan, his hands still pressed the glass against hers, looked up at me for just a moment, then he hopped and ambled back to his own little family.

Editor’s Note:

This is the third “The Hazel Diaries” to appear in the AHYMSIN newsletter. 

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Roxanne Currie is a writer, grandmother, Raja yogi. She maintained her yoga practice since she was introduced to Swami Rama and his teachings in 1968. She received mantra initiation from Swami Veda Bharati, formerly Dr. Usharbudh Arya, to the Himalayan Tradition in 1972, and became certified to teach in 2008.  She teaches yoga in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area.

We invite you to visit her website: www.goodmedicineyoga.com

Roxanne has a Good Medicine Yoga DVD entitled “Stretch Breathe Relax.”  Please see http://www.goodmedicineyoga.com/htmlsite/products.html    It is also available at the online bookstore of The Meditation Center, which ships nationally and internationally, and is under the title “Good Medicine Yoga DVD.”