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Stoma’s Holland Seminars 2014

During February 2014 Stoma (Dr. Stephen Parker) visited Holland to give a number of seminars and workshops. During the weekend of 15-16 February there was a session of the Dutch Teacher Training Program in Bunnik, Netherlands, that focused on holistic health.

The first day included an introductory lecture where Stoma stressed several important attitudes as the cornerstones of holistic health: awareness (mindfulness), an attitude of wonder and curious interest, a commitment to using feeling in addition to thinking since it is our holistic way of knowing and the process that registers our intuition. He also stressed the singularity of mind and body and the dangers of assuming they are different. The students then did a round robin practice teaching session on the joints and glands before lunch.

In the afternoon, Dr. Mehta of The Hague and Rishikesh, who trains Ayurvedic practitioners in both places, gave an afternoon program introducing Ayurveda.

On the second day Stoma went into further detail about holistic health in a number of import domains: diet and nutrition, cleansing, exercise and a number of other areas. At the end of the morning session former Gurukulam student Uta Pioch provided a hatha yoga session.

On the weekend of 22-23 February, people gathered at the beautiful Woudshote Conference Hotel and Conference Center in Zeist, Netherlands. The topic for this weekend was emotional purification. During the opening session, he discussed the concept from the perspective of the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali. He then did an introduction to interpersonal neurobiology which provides a way to understand important neurophysiological aspects of the process. Uta Pioch provided hatha sessions each day which gave the participants a chance to apply the principle of awareness to their body in action. In further sessions, Stoma discussed Awareness and the Body: What is Your Posture in Life, Awareness and Breath, and Awareness and the Mind and Emotions.

During the week, Stoma was also a guest teacher in the classes of several teachers in the Netherlands: Willem Meijer in Zeist and Utrecht, Marilou Hermens in Bilthoven and Trix Dekkers in Driebergen. It was a lovely taste of early spring after a brutal winter in Minnesota!

(Submitted by Stoma [Dr. Stephen Parker])

Editor’s Note:

For more about the Dutch Teacher Training Program, please use this link: http://www.yogadocent.com/

For more about the Zeist and Utrecht centers, please see http://www.himalaya-yoga.nl/

For more about Bilthoven center, please see www.yogameditatie.nl

For more about Driebergen center, please see http://yogastudiodriebergen.nl/

Stoma (Dr. Stephen Parker) explains the tradition in the Netherlands and speaks about the importance of the Dutch yoga teacher training, "Training for Yoga Teacher in the Himalayan Tradition" in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nikgPKNVno




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