Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

A Journey to Inner Self

by Sujata

Notes from 3 Workshops in May 2014, Taiwan

We just had 3 workshops in Taiwan. Our senior teachers came to Taiwan to share with us so many energy and love.

The first workshop was Pranayama workshop. Swamiji Ritavan and Ashutoshji shared with us how to deepen the Pranayama practices to clean, balance and energizing our source of force. Swamiji Ritavan had a very touching ending lecture with us. “We live in meditation of love, and we die in meditation of love” Few simple words elaborated the two most important themes in life.

One of the special occasion is that we had 13 families from Korea came to join Taiwan workshop during this weekend. They are all very friendly and had enthusiastic yoga practice so serious to fly all the way from Korea to Taiwan just for this 2 days’ workshop. Even most of them don’t speak English; I can still feel their warm heart and joy from those happy smiles. Tinyu arranged a dinner together and let our dear Korean families had more time to spend time with our dear teachers.

The second workshop was Joyful Yoga workshop. We moved the workshop from the busy city to a quite spring spa resort in central part in Taiwan. I worked as volunteer translator in this workshop. I received more than I serviced as always. Teachers taught us to accept oneself fully without any conditions, right or wrong, good or bad, like or dislike. We kept doing that sort of differentiation in life and created many conflict inside. We sort of awakened our consciousness in the experience of yoga nidra and sowed a seed of tranquility. (I said sort of, because as many of you might know that so many exhausted and tired spirits did fell to asleep in the process lead by one of our favorite killer SRB ;-)) Swamiji taught us that when we get out of that deep silence, we should celebrate our life with joy.

There were more than 80 people to practice dynamic sun salutation and Bija Mantra sun salutation. The fresh morning air, the songs of birds resonate with the powerful 6 Bija Mantra chanted by Ashutoshji. No words can describe the holy energy flow in the field at that moment.

Later on that day, Swamiji and Ashutoshji came to visit my small yoga studio in Taichung to have a Puja blessing for me. I am again full of joy and gratitude for Guru and Swamiji’s blessings. I wish this blessed place would be a spiritual gathering for families and students in central part of Taiwan for such as full moon meditation and Satsanga. Many facilities are still needed to established, but I will try to manage them completed as soon as possible.

Our last workshop in May was the first silent retreat in Taiwan. This silent retreat brought many lonely souls together and ended with joyful tears. For many people, this is their first silent retreat, and the schedule was planned kindly to let attendants gradually and naturally merge into the silence. The place was beautiful, and the food was wonderful. I never mentioned 7 complete hatha yoga and sharing times led by Ashutoshji and many inspiring dharma talks lectured by Swamiji Ritavan.  At the sharing time in the final day, so many people shared their very personal feeling and gentle touch by the power of silence. Tissues were passed around the circle. It was a touching and loving moment. It confirmed the word “walking wound” as actually walking around us no matter how happy we seem. That brings us to be united and be happy, to have company on the way of sadhana. Our common feeling is that we all coming Home to the source of inner strength.

Thanks to the sangha, we could have opportunity to practice how to appreciate the beautiful moments in life. We can enjoy many wonderful moments such as starlight, firefly and sunset after storms because we have opened our heart to listen to inner melody. As Swamiji and Ashutoshji taught us, we can now let go, be still, and really listen, feel and see.

The same could be applied to practice how to be in suffering. I remember Master Thich Nhat Hanh said: “Suffering is an art. If you know how to suffer mindfully, you will have less suffering. Let's learn from suffering. Use suffering to create happiness”. To apply this more, I think we can learn to be still and see the pain pass just like time and a cloud in the sky. The pain won’t be as clear and sharp just like the passing time and a cloud. Then, we can, as Swamiji said, celebrate and rejoice!

The practice of yoga eventually is not at the yoga studio, or at those short days of workshop. We have to go back to our normal life in the end. However, with full pocket or empty pocket after being nurtured in the satsanga, we could remind each other again and again that the most powerful strength is always within us.

This divinity greater than any mountain, more beautiful than any scenery.

Once we left the workshop or retreat in the mountains, the true sadhana begins…..

Editor’s Note:

Sujata (Francine Kuo) has a centre, inSky Yoga, in Taiwan; we invite you to visit her website at http://inskyyoga.blogspot.tw/

AHYMSIN Taiwan has a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ahymsin.taiwan  and https://www.facebook.com/groups/AHYMSIN.TAIWAN/



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