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An AHYMSIN “Open House” initiative took place on 26th April, 2014. This was an opportunity for sadhakas to interact with a panel of senior teachers, Adhyatma Samiti (Spiritual Committee) members and Executive Committee members via Skype. During this call the topics were Silence, Emotional Purification, Relaxation. Simultaneous Skype calls were held in different regions.  Participants in the Asia-Australia call did experience some technical difficulties. This report was submitted by Tinyu Chen and was written with the support of Thaniya Kevalee.

On Saturday April 26th, 2014, AHYMSIN has organized the first global Open House Session – Skype call with senior teachers, Spiritual Committee members and Executive Committee members.  For the Asian and Australia, the session was hosted by Tinyu Chen, with three senior teachers including Swami Ma Radha Bharati (on Silence), Wong Yoong Khiang (on Relaxation), and Shi Hong (on Emotional Purification).  There were participants joining the call from India, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

Here are the summaries of some of the valuable teachings from our senior teachers.

Silence by Swami Ma Radha Bharati

Swamiji encourages people to participate in silence retreats at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) to personally experience the subtle impact and benefits from the practice.  With Swami Veda Bharati entering a silence vow since March 2013, the vibration of peace at the ashram has risen to a higher level, generating greater benefits for the people.  Many people who had attended retreats over the past one year said they could feel stronger impact from their silence practices. 

As a personal practice, silence allows us to come to contact with deeper layers of our own minds and brings about higher level of meditative experiences.  According to the Himalayan Masters, simply not talking does not constitute silence, because it is a practice of the mind.  If we are not awakened to the new mental frame work which is in stillness and peace, then it is not a real silence.  All the practices included in the program, contemplation, meditation, mantra, relaxation, etc., are designed to put our minds into the state of deep silence. 

SRSG provides a program systematically designed to help people to understand themselves and to get in touch more easily with the experience of silence. The program includes a daily schedule of activity to follow from morning till night so people do not need to worry about what to do next and can develop focused attention for their mind.  Silence helps people to connect their bodies, breath and minds more effectively.  During the initial period of their practices, some may encounter disturbing thoughts and emotions, but these are still great benefits because the people get to know themselves at a deeper level and can be aware of what external influences (through sensory perceptions) produce what kind of impacts on their minds.  At the end of the program, usually people are able to quiet and calm down their sensory perception and experience inner stillness.  Depending upon their capacities, time and resources, people can choose to practice silence for different duration: 3 days, 7 days, 10 days, 40 days or 90 days. Many of who have participated in a silence retreat did not want to come out when their silence retreat ended.

Relaxation by Wong Yoong Khiang

Yoong has shared his personal experience about relaxation practice. For the practice to be most effective, one needs to do it with one’s own entire being (this principle also applies to other forms of practices).  By this, he means during the practice one directs one’s mind toward the highest: God, Guru, Inner Light, etc. 

The advanced practices are not necessary. In fact, a simple practice done with that frame of mind would enable one to get in touch with the most subtle part of one’s self.  For example, in breath observation or mantra recitation, if one does this practice with the mind fully absorbed in it and directed towards the highest, then one can quickly fall into a state of peace.  This can help save a lot of time in our personal practice.

Simple practice like breath observation can be done anywhere and anytime. Simply focus your whole attention at the highest.  Emotions can also be offered to Gurus (Gods) so that they can be purified.  The quote from Swami Rama (in his book OM):  “the goal of mantra is to quiet the mind by giving it a focused attention (or concentration). The mind becomes relaxed but fully alert and the practices would not be that difficult.  Try to develop subtleties in simple practices”.

Editor's Note:

The Open House Initiative has been well received and will continue; future date to be announced.



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