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Open House - Heart Experience!

by Dr. Shirin Venkat

Shirin participated in the  Open House Initiative Skype meetings in both October 2013 and April 2014, as a panel member in the former and as a participant in the latter. Here she shares with us her experiences. An AHYMSIN “Open House” initiative took place on 26th April, 2014. Simultaneous Skype calls were held in different regions.  The April Open House in which Shirin participated was hosted by Rajini Prakash. The Panel and Topics: Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati, Emotional Purification; Wolfgang Bischoff, Silence; Bhola Shankar Dabral, Relaxation.

Hari Om! Jai Gurudev! By His grace we have such a vast wonderful family it was indeed an amazing experience in October 2013. Last year when dear Rajini asked dear Stomaji, Michael Kissenerji and myself to be on the panel to answer questions from family in different parts of the world! Wow! I felt I was a part of “The Matrix”- how life is so interconnected and really there is no other. The questions were ever so sharp and the answers were so complete – i particularly remember someone asking the importance of places of pilgrimages- do they really matter? And Stomaji replied how the word Teerth stands for a place where energies meet and cross and how it is wonderful to experience them when we actually do visit such places.

It is truly meaningful to attune oneself to subtle vibrations of Sattvic nature and thereby move into a field of energy which seems to cleanse and purify!  So there you go; that then is the significance of these zones. Very often saints and sages have further sanctified the teerth sthan (place) by their very presence.
Rajini is a particularly good anchor and conducts these sessions in such a friendly polite and involved manner it’s a pleasure to be a part of. Our beloved Guru has made all this possible just so much love and compassion. There is no stranger and when we get back home (Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama) for some event we meet with lots to tell!

26th April 2014

This day 7 years ago i lost my mother and when the session was announced i thought what better way to pay tribute to her who was instrumental in my meeting Swami Rama than being in the presence of His dear disciples. It was a wonderful evening very interactive and dispelled so many doubts. Pune was on fire asking questions, participating with its heart. Swami Nityamuktananda spoke on silence and then answered the first question on why one tends to fall off to sleep while meditating; her answer was so clear and complete. Swami Nityamuktananda quoted Swami Rama and said do not meditate when you are sleepy – sleep then; she explained that most of the time it is the ego which keeps from developing keen awareness and so we must do all we can to be alert during meditation and also it may be that our breathing and/or posture is not right. Swami Nitya also enlightened us on how only through true surrender can one attain Self realisation – this in answer to the question of the EGO; however sattvic it would never allow its own dissolution. It was such a delight to hear Shree Wolfgang [Bischoff]. He shared his vast experience and gave us the message of the art of listening; he said in all his years of teaching what he finds the single most important aspect of Yoga itself was the ability to listen – it was particularly significant for the talker that’s me! He emphasised: learn to listen even to your own inner thoughts and soon you would be able to dissociate from the mind and identify with the true self.

Those present in Pune, India: Mrs. Vinita Mohoni, Mr. Nathan, Mrs. Pratibha Mehta who is an intitiate of the tradition, Dr. Kedar Munshi who will be visiting SRSG and would hope to be initiated and Mr. Rajiv Bajaj and, of course, Shirin.

No one wanted the session to close and i had thought all will make one or other excuse and want to leave – after all it was Saturday evening!! Evidence of the abundance of Guru’s grace! Sometimes i feel: Shirin, you have not to fear for the Guru holds you in His arms! And i know so it is for everyone.

Love to all.

Editor’s Note:

For more about the Open House Initiative, please see http://ahymsin.org/main/misc/invitation-to-ahymsin-open-house-initiative.html .  The Open House Initiative will have calls in the future, dates-to-be-announced.

Dr. Shirin Venkat is centre leader in Pune, India; please see http://www.ahymsin.org/docs2/News/1307Jul/09.html  and http://www.ahymsin.org/docs2/News/1304Apr/13.html  



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