Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Hazel Diaries VII

by Roxanne Currie

One month after I moved downtown to a high rise apartment our neighbor (next door, one floor up) jumped from his balcony past ours, twenty-four stories to his death at 5:45 on a Sunday morning.

It sounds like a gunshot when someone hits the ground at that velocity, an unforgettable sound.  Our neighbor saw him sail past our balconies (with his shirt pulled over his head) and called 911.

Five days later, Friday, Hazel came for a sleepover, along with my roommate’s two kids.  We told the kids exactly nothing about the event.

The first thing Hazel said after she put her things away was “Grandma, can I meditate on your deck?”  This was the first time she’d asked me if she could meditate; usually it’s my idea.

“Sure” I said.

She went outside and sat facing the exact spot where our neighbor Frank had made his horrible decision, alone, five days earlier. 

She sat for a very long time. 

When she came in, we all went swimming.

For dinner we shared an avocado with pepper crackers, a sweet potato with brown sugar and together we harvested a big bowl of bright red pomegranate seeds.  “This is an awesome dinner!” Hazel said.

Usually, getting Hazel to meditate is like coercing my own mind to meditate. I’m reminded of Dr. Arya saying “Mind?  Can we not be friends, Mind?  You spend my waking moments rushing from portal to portal, bringing back to me bits of information like shells and pebbles on a beach and entrust me with their care.  Mind?  Can we not be friends, Mind?  Come and sit just you, the brother Breath and Me.”  I quoted Dr. Arya to Hazel and she shocked me by looking bored!

She lacks discipline and watches too much TV.  Three fingers point back at me. 

During a commercial, “Hazel!” I said “Let’s meditate!”  with enthusiasm.  “Okay” she shot back and jumped into her seat next to mine.  I begin a chant of Ommm.  All was still.  I opened one eye to see her perfect posture and one of her eyes open, peeking at the TV, then at me and we burst out laughing.

We were walking one spring, Hazel was about three years old, she spotted a clump of Hosta growing next to the neighbor's house.  She ran up to it, yelling "FWOWERS!"  She threw her arms up, sighed, and collapsed onto the "bed" of Hosta.  Surprised it did not hold her weight, she stood up, shook her head like Wylie Coyote, rubbed her knee and walked away.  It’s spring and her mother’s birthday is very near, reminding me of birth and resilience.

The End

Editor's Note:

This is the seventh “The Hazel Diaries” to appear in the AHYMSIN newsletter.
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Roxanne Currie is a writer, grandmother, Raja yogi. She maintained her yoga practice since she was introduced to Swami Rama and his teachings in 1968. She received mantra initiation from Swami Veda Bharati, formerly Dr. Usharbudh Arya, to the Himalayan Tradition in 1972, and became certified to teach in 2008.  She teaches yoga in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area.

We invite you to visit her website: www.goodmedicineyoga.com

Roxanne has a Good Medicine Yoga DVD entitled “Stretch Breathe Relax.” Please see http://www.goodmedicineyoga.com/htmlsite/products.html  It is also available at the online bookstore of The Meditation Center, which ships nationally and internationally, and is under the title “Good Medicine Yoga DVD.”


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