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The Desire for Something Higher

by Sabina Cesaroni

A Haven for the Spirit; Florence House, UK

Silently  walking,  contemplating  the  beautiful  coastal  path  leading  to  the  "Seven  Sisters  Country Park". We are all enchanted by the power of Nature and the marvelous unspoiled beach. Welcome to Seaford, on the south coast, UK!

Definitely  "the  Desire  for  Something  Higher  "inspired  us to  come  here,  to  Florence  House,  for  a  week  long intensive seminar,  sharing  seven  days  of  physical, spiritual  practice,  teachings,  meditation  and  silence. Swami  Nityamuktananda  opens  each  session,  each  day, with her smile introducing the various topics: "Longing  for  Something  Higher",  "Udana  prana", "Hindrances arising from emotions", "Contemplation as a tool  towards  Something  Higher",  "The  final  goal: Oneness",  "Stillness",  "Silence  and  meditation  in  daily life",  "Silence".  The  Florence  House,  where  we  are  lodged,  is  set  in  five  acres  of  beautiful maintained  grounds.  It is a wonderful  place,  making one to feel  at home and to be inclined to withdraw the senses into a natural Pratyahara.

Even if, to be sincere...  the food here is so creative and delicious... I dare say a real temptation!

The Desire for Something Higher...  desire is a function of the energy flow moving forward, following an intention, pushing our senses and our capacity of Sankalpa to taste and  experience  life  using  emotions  as  perfect  tools  of inner investigation.

Improving  our  awareness,  empowering  knowledge  and  discrimination.  Purifying  emotions  then becomes a "must" if we really aspire to that Higher we are. Watching the ego interfering, defending that sense of "I am" at any cost!!

...Being creative,  expanding  our  energy  field  Space  Element  using  Viveka.  That  power  of  discrimination  will enable  us  to  face  the  truth  of  our  Self.  That longing connects us back to that origin, that cosmic birth. Spiritually  progressing,  learning  to  know  the  mechanisms of  our  mind,  recognizing  our  conditionings  and  becoming free.

Dissolving the ego, going beyond…  Para.  Raise the energy with any tools:  the art of breathing, the sacred mantra, the use of Japa, Contemplation, Yoga Nidra, contemplative walking, prayer and - especially meditation.

Yoga becomes then pure awareness, flowing smoothly, deeply and silently with that energy field we all are, no separation, no gender, just Oneness.

The core, centre of the whole Universe is us: let's reach that Bindu.  Like Arjuna, let’s shoot the arrow centering the goal.

Words and practice gently swim into the river of Saraswati’s wisdom, creativity, knowledge, during this retreat at Florence House, inside all participants.

And outside...?  We all enjoyed the sacred presence of Nature, so wild in its many manifestations.

Alternation of clouds, rain, sun, wind blowing, blossoming cherry trees  and  the  many  rabbits  jumping  here  and there...quite a contemplation and  -  Silence!

That silence we experienced from movement to stillness.

The physical practices:  yoga asanas, Makka-ho exercises and  dancing, helped us to  feel the silent presence of Shakti’s power!

The seminar and Silence days ended with a debriefing Satsang; a true sharing.

Next time? October 2014... same place, same teachers.

Hari Om
Sabina Cesaroni
Himalayan Yoga Institute of Florence - Italy

Editor’s Note:

Photos from the recent English Seaside Retreat in Seaford West Sussex, with Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati and Sabina Cesaroni can be seen at http://vimeo.com/93090680

The next retreat at Florence House, UK, with Swami Nityamuktananda will be 17th – 22nd October 2014. Topic: “Emotions, friend or foe?” There will be a weekend workshop followed by silence. Please see:


Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati’s website: http://www.athayoga.info/



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