Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi


by Swami Rama

This is an excerpt from Sacred Journey, Living Purposefully and Dying Gracefully by Swami Rama. Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust. 2002.

Another fundamental practice is the cultivation of contentment. Many westerners grow up believing their lives ought to be perfect. That will not happen. That is not the nature of life. Life is always changing, shifting, decaying, dying. That is its nature. To accept and understand that is the way to contentment.

Life’s so-called setbacks, as well as its so-called victories, are the same from a spiritual point of view. When the disappointments of life come along, treat them as instructive. There is a dark side to life, and everyone casts a shadow. The shadow shows the way to light. Don’t hide from the shadow, but don’t try to cling to it either. Examine and accept your dark side. Treat your setbacks, misfortune, as well as victories and what you call good fortune, with the same equanimity.

Contentment is a wonderful way to stay focused and preserve energy. Discontent breeds unhappiness and negative emotions that expend energy and disturb concentration. This is not to say you should be satisfied.

Contentment and satisfaction are not the same. You should not be satisfied until the goal is reached. The journey should be made with contentment.

In abhyasa follow three golden rules:

  1. Be aware of the goal and work toward it all the time.
  2. Make the best use of your time.
  3. Be happy in every situation in life.




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