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Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is…

Sometimes students write to or ask Swami Veda and other senior teachers in our tradition questions about practice.  When this happens, Swami Veda may answer the question himself or ask a senior teacher to do so, or if the question is asked directly to a senior teacher, the senior teacher will respond.  This is one such “Question and Answer,” or Q&A.


What is there in the hands of a human? What should we do, for which we are free to do, with which we can liberate ourselves from all kinds of sorrows? The power to do that thing or not to do that thing should be with us. Is there anything which is outside the Will of God, and for which God has given us power and responsibility to do, which will liberate us from all sorrows? What is that step, for which God has given us independence to take and for which God is waiting that we may take that step and he may liberate us from all sorrows and he may unite us with Him?

Answer: Three have answered this question: Dr. Stephen Parker (Stoma), Lalita Arya (Ammaji), and Michael Smith.

From Dr. Stephen Parker (Stoma):

The thing which God has given us to do with our own hands is to love selflessly in every action we take, to serve others in every work of those hands and to remember God's presence with every breath. If we are genuinely able to do that, then the fruits of our action in the form of karmic impressions, to the extent that they do stick to us, will brighten our karmic momentum into the future and guarantee that that momentum will grow in us. 

Shantih, Stoma

From Lalita Arya (Ammaji):

In our Himalayan Tradition under the tutelage of our Guru we were trained to be independent in every which way. God or whatever name one wants to give to that Universal Energy is the goal with which we hope to unite. So we need to focus our mental energies on the path that will eventually lead us there. 

In the process all our thoughts, speech and actions should be such that we harm no one, thus purifying ourselves to realize the real qualities of the Self. All other practicals then become possible. 

Meditation that creates awareness with attention to one's responsibilities is recommended for this to happen. Depending all the time on God for guidance is like holding God responsible. 
This is my humble view. Hope this helps the questioner. In service, Ammaji

From Michael Smith:

The scriptures of the world say that human beings are privileged above all the lower animals. For example, in Christianity, it is said that human beings were created by God in God’s image and have been given God-like capabilities. Among these are reason, forethought, creativity, intuition, conscience, will power (iccha shakti), and the capacity to discriminate and choose (buddhi) between what is merely pleasurable (preya) and what is preferable (shreya) in order to make spiritual headway.  

Our biggest problem is that we don’t make use of these powers. With these capacities, we could see that allurements of the world (possessions, sense-gratification and social status), are limited, transitory and not capable of ultimate happiness and peace – and yet we chase after them and cling to them.  We’ve been given the greatest of gifts, a very spark of the Divine intelligence, but how can we hope move forward if we won’t let go of what we know is holding us back?

“There is no discriminating wisdom in one who is not joined in yoga, nor is there any cultivating of contemplativeness for one who is not joined in yoga. One who has not cultivated contemplation has no peace; how can there be happiness for one who is not at peace? The mind that is applied to following the wandering senses, indeed such a mind plunders his wisdom as wind blows a boat in the water.”
(Bhagavad-gita II.66-67)

The great traditional systems of the world have provided philosophies which state that the ultimate purpose of human life is to unite (the meaning of “yoga”) with the Divine, they have provided the means and methodologies to make that connection, and in all these systems there can be found wise spiritual guides and a supportive community of fellow seekers. So what remains for us to do, as Swami Rama has often said, is to unplug our attention from attachments to the world and plug it into serious sadhana.

I write this for myself, to spur my own intent, and I wish for you the greatest success in attaining your spiritual goals.


Editor’s Note:

If you have a question about spiritual practice, you can use this link to ask it:  http://ahymsin.org/main/adhyatma-samiti-spiritual-committee.html



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