Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Now, let us share a day of silence.

by Pandit Tejomaya

As I reflect on yesterday’s experience of silence, I am struck by three things.  First, I do many experiments in pursuit of shoucha, purity, exploring its many levels; it is one of the primary focal points in my sadhana.  Yesterday reminded me that the most perfect expression ofshoucha I have yet to experience ismauna.  All of the purity practices are helpful, tremendously helpful, but none of them can compare to the experience of silence.

Second, the power of silence is much louder than words. Each Tuesday I meet with a dear friend from a different spiritual tradition for lunch and sacred conversation.  Yesterday he readily agreed to a silent gathering.  The sun was out, making it warm enough for us to sit outside and look at the ocean as we silently ate together. Last evening, he left a message for me saying that the depth of peace he felt for the remainder of the day was astonishing.

Lastly, I was surprised, pleased, and grateful throughout the day that a one day practice of silence could bring such depth of experience.  Out of the mystery of this gratitude arose the idea of “preparation”. I could almost hear Swami Veda’s voice saying “Now, let us share a day of silence.”, as though his invitation included the sacred sentiment of “atha”, now. The depth of yesterday’s experience came about because of the cumulative and preparatory nature of our Tradition’s practices which we live every day.

So thank you Swamiji for all of our preparations, gross and subtle, known and unknown, that allowed us to step into silence with you for a day.  May all beings benefit from these efforts.

Pandit Tejomaya

Gabriola Island, Canada

21 January 2015

Editor’s Note:

Pandit Tejomaya has a center on Gabriola Island, Canada; we invite you to visit his website http://www.islandofpeaceyoga.com/islandofpeaceyoga.com/Home.html

To read “Yama and Niyama Kriya”by Pandit Tejomaya: http://www.ahymsin.org/docs2/News/1210OctNov/02.html

To read his blog entries on his experiments on the Yamas and Niyamas: http://www.islandofpeaceyoga.com/islandofpeaceyoga.com/Blog/Blog.html



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