Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Silence Day in Enschede, Netherlands

by Riemke de Groot

Being fortunate to have a job in flexible, irregular shifts, I was able to ask for a free day. Being fortunate and grateful to have a house of my own with a yoga-practice room where I teach classes, I decided to open my house for whoever wanted to spend a few hours of the silence day with me. Though I'm not yet a certified teacher in the Himalayan Tradition (currently in level 1 TTP), I do have experience with teaching yoga and with silence retreats. I enjoyed some wonderful retreats of a week with my dear teacher Rob Obermeyer in the Ardennes, Belgium, and join the annual silence retreats that are in Netherlands every October.

For ths silence day, I made a schedule for myself based on a day schedule in the ashram. I sent an invitation with that schedule and some explanation to my yoga students, clients of my Ayurvedic practice and some friends that might be interested. Inviting them to come and go according to their possibilities and just join me in my silent schedule. From 6.00 am till 21.00 pm, with prayers, hatha, meditation, meals. Also two times for walking and in between opportunity to do some yantra colouring or contemplative reading. I planned to use relaxation tapes in Dutch from Marilou Hermens and Swami Ma Tripurashakti Bharati. And a guided meditation from Swami Veda, to use at 13.15 local time which is the ashram meditation time.

Four people said that they would come. One of them got sick, so three came. Two of them moms, who came while their kids were at school. They came at 9.30. We did brisk walking along the edges of town near my house. After that colouring and reading. We had a silent lunch with soup and kheer. Then we sat together for meditation at ashram time. First listening to Swamiji, then for silent meditation. We felt connected to Swamiji and the Himalayan family all over the world. Though my guests are not used to long meditation, they enjoyed the long silence. They had to go home after that and I continued with the schedule till evening prayers.

It was a wonderful experience to be silent and being able to share that silence. Feeling the connection and being glad and grateful to be part of this large Ahymsin family. I had to talk a few words during the day, to help my guests with the schedule, but that didn't feel like breaking the silence. I can reccommend to you all, if you have the possibility and the facilities to share: do it. I'm planning to do it next year again.

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