Mauni Amavasya in Ludhiana

by Sunil Trika

On 20th January, Mauni Amavasya, five sadhakas observed absolute Silence from early morning till late evening. 

I was expecting a good number this day, but the weather was very bad. Due to which we couldn't go out for the nature walk.

It was 'Silence' personified in all the sadhakas. We read articles on Silence. Swami Veda's discourse, 'Who am I' from Kundalini, Stirred or Stilled had a deep impression on everyone's mind. Thanks Swamiji!

Swami Rama's video, The Spiritual Odyssey, was played towards the end.

A blissful day, indeed.

We will keep on meeting on such pious days and on all Full Moon days, silently.



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