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by Meeta Jagtap

Meeta has written, “I am not a writer, all these inspirations are from our guru and lineage. So when ever beautiful visions, thoughts and imaginations come, I do write.” These writings are dedicated to our Gurudeva.

The Uncut Diamond

Somewhere in the suburb of the country, famous theatre artists were going to perform in a play and one of the renowned pianist had to perform in this play too. Everyone was waiting for this combination of play and pianist performance. Everywhere in the country there was a buzz about this play. Play writers and directors were leaving no stone unturned in its promotion. In a local daily it gathered everyone's attention as promotional lines about this play read as – “‘The Uncut Diamond’ It Can transform your life for the better, as it has transformed many''.

Somewhere in an office, colleagues were reading about this play in a local daily, so they were planning to buy a few available tickets. Out of this group one employee named 'Allen' got fascinated too; he decided to go for this.

Allen was in his mid 30's, physically challenged and blessed with an extraordinary intelligence. He was witty and he knew how to get his work done by all means. He was well positioned and was getting good perks. He knew how to use people by taking advantage of his conditions. Allen lost his parents in his childhood and was raised by an orphanage. Somehow people around him used to pay him respect and had a sympathy for him.

Finally the day came and Allen and his colleagues proceeded to the hall where the play was about to start. The hall was stuffed; the host came, and with the big applaud, he welcomed everyone.

A lady came and she started narrating the true story of her life. She said- I will tell you the story of a diamond how I collected it from a coal mine, how I chiseled it and how its market value increased over the period of time. Everyone got so excited. She said, however, the diamond is not a real diamond. There was an absolute silence! This story is a story of my son whose value is more than a diamond. There and then characters came and started playing their roles, and she started narrating.

Twenty years ago like every mother I was blessed with a baby boy. My entire family and were very happy. However, the doctor asked me and my husband to come and meet him. Both of us went to his cabin, and doctor revealed as this baby will grow he will have mental and physical challenges, so it's your call. The curve on my face got reversed. My husband was also in a state of shock; within 15 days after the birth of this baby, my husband gave me two options; either leave this baby with an orphanage or he would leave me. I took one whole night and I decided I will leave my husband.

From here the journey began, as the child grew he was not only abandoned by society but from my own relatives too. My son's eyes were filled with innocence and they expressed love and always asked me 'mom is something wrong with me'.

As he grew he had an immense inclination towards music and had a deep power of observation and his hearing was very good. I got him a piano and got him many picture books. Initially he use to fidget with the piano and with stammering voice he could say few alphabets. Luckily I found one piano teacher who decided to train my son as he was in need of money. The past 13 years my son got trained under the piano teacher.

Now, lady said, please welcome my son David. With a stick in his hand and with a round back, he walked slowly and waved his hand and he played his best instrumental ever! After finishing he said thanks to everyone. He continued further - 'No diamond has a value until and unless it bears a high temperature and pressure and then only it is chiseled. If you want a Solitaire you have to put your hands in the dirt, pick up that piece of glass; quite possible you might get a scar while holding that piece of glass. However, always remember this glass will pay you millions later'.

Everyone in the hall was so emotional. Allen was totally taken over by this play and David's motivational lines. Words started echoing in Allen's mind - my condition is better than David's condition. Look at his attitude towards people and life. Look at me, I am rude to people and myself too. Life gave me enough chances but I've been bitter. David is a real Gem!

Allen's heart got completely transferred. He got up and the next day he went to meet the authorities of the orphanage where he was raised.

Since then every month he started donating his spare time and money for the kids in an orphanage. Authorities said nobody does so much the way you have been doing. Allen said, since nobody is doing that is why I am doing. He hugged a child and said futher, "No one knows how much value a diamond will give you; everyone wants a diamond but no one is willing to hold a piece of glass. Diamonds can only be carved when a piece of glass is handled carefully". Authorities were speechless!


Souls meet and depart for a purpose to be resolved,
With love, care and wisdom all our miseries get dissolved!
The hate and blame will not lead to the fame, it further entangles the game,
To win alone will not lead us to the hall of fame, holding hands together will only help us to reach the aim!
Souls meet and depart for the purpose to be resolved,
The journey is long, the sea is deep, the ship is ready,  
to sail across the sea together, we need to be steady,
With the twinkling stars in the sky, the  night is cozy,
The sea waves are noisy and the anchors are strong as they have come all the way long!
Souls meet and depart for the reason to be resolved,
The beginning was a mere perception
though turns and twists were many, stopping there would have been a great misconception,
The dawn has arrived, the eyes were wide awake due to last night!
The shore has come, destination has arrived, as the morning breeze blew, the dawn threw the new light!
Souls meet and depart for the reason to be resolved,
Seeing blue sky, spirits raised high
there was no more groaning and the deep sigh,
standing apart could never have won the race, only with embrace and loving hearts we could attract the grace,

The eyes are bright and filled with light, hearts are warm and filled with never-ending love and eternal embrace!

The Bitter Truth

Cleaning her old closet, this woman saw an old album with layers of dust. She took it out, cleaned it and opened it up. Lost in her childhood memories, she started flipping the covers. She suddenly stopped and looked upon one of the pictures; she got nostalgic. It was a picture of her graduation day. The whole group was standing gracefully. It seemed she could recall each and every activity of that day. As she was in her own world, she got startled hearing her daughter's voice in the room.

Taking that photo, daughter said, Ma, you look so beautiful in this picture. Her next question was "what did you want to become?” 

Mother said a lawyer.

And daughter replied, why didn't you pursue your passion. An innocent yet powerful question! Daughter said, Ma, I never knew this part of your charisma. I have always seen you in timid roles, whether it is raising me or being engrossed in household chores, I thought this is your only world . Why didn't you carve your niche, your identity? 

My identity? asked the mother slowly.

Daughter said, yes, Ma, yours! You know, Ma, all these years I have been working with a women’s cell. Actually speaking every human being is being gifted by the divine. Honestly speaking woman is the most beautiful creation. I know how you and other women forget their passions and dreams by just forgetting themselves. How you and people are raised keeping in mind strong beliefs about society, parents, life, marriage and then children. Thereafter, the stronger the belief the stronger the reaction towards that belief. Which leaves strong impressions in the mind. Beliefs like being a female, she has to make the compromises, women are not worthy enough and many others. Thereafter, worthy and talented women like you start forming opinions about themselves and keeping all dreams and ambitions aside. And women start living a life given by people. As the time passes, it is very difficult to break those patterns of thinking.

Mother said how do you know so much.

With a sigh mother said- I am not worthy enough beta.

Ma, I was expecting this answer from you.  Until and unless you analyse your worth, no one else will. Don't doubt your abilities ever. 

Mother said if I value myself this means I am egocentric na.

Ma, there is difference between being egocentric and realising your worth. Ma, to make you understand think about moon. No one can doubt the luminosity of the moon. Being so far away and then also holding a very strong presence of its own, it gives a calming effect.  For the moon it does not matter what people think about it. Whether it is a dark night or a full moon it comes accordingly; that is its pure and the basic nature.

Standing near the window daughter said, look at that tree; be it autumn, spring or any other season, it will stand still even if people say this tree is not beautiful or it does not bear fruits or flower. The tree does not form its belief on the basis of people’s opinion. It lives its life. It does that for which it is meant to be.

Ma, if you have to believe,  believe in your soft inner voice, which always guides and which is always ready to show you the path. You just have to make your mind calm and listen to it. Above all, your dignity comes first. Any time you get carried away by any belief told by the people, just reverse that belief. Initially it will be difficult but slowly you will master this art. Don't value other people's beliefs and don't allow the belief system to rule your life, Ma!


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