Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

The Guru’s Shawl

by Stephen Parker (Stoma)

March 5th -

Just finished a packed week of teaching in Budapest, Hungary, with a long weekend of teacher training, a public lecture and quite a few initiations.

At the public lecture, I arrived out of gas and asked the guru to please do something. As I began to speak some energy came into addressing 'Obstacles in Meditation' not as a struggle, but as opportunities for transformation through mindful awareness. It went along very nicely for about 90 minutes and reached its natural conclusion - two hours before the scheduled ending!

I asked for questions and comments: silence, real silence.

I realized that everybody had become so focused and open that they were ready to meditate--so we dropped into a spontaneous half hour of very still sitting.
At the end, love hung in the air like fragrance from spring blossoms. And then some questions began to come and took us to the end.

It was yet another small miracle that demonstrates that it is not us who teach. I arrived with what seemed like nothing to give and the guru wrapped us all in a shawl of light.



The Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation

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