Conference on Yoga for Wellness

by Dr. Prabhu

On 10th March 2015, representatives from Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama’s lab, the Meditation Research Institute (MRI) participated in a National Conference on Yoga for Wellness in Life jointly organized by the Indian Association of Yoga, New Delhi, and Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar.  The event was held at Dev- Sanskriti Viswavidyalaya, in Haridwar, India.

The organizers said the conference was to provide a platform to all the yoga lovers to come together under one roof, share their thoughts and ideas for the benefit of society with eminent speakers sharing their experiences as well as experiential sessions. At the same time the researchers and scholars would be given a platform to present their research papers.

It was an honor; I addressed as the chairperson for the afternoon technical session. It was a research paper presentation session.

After the session, we had short meeting with Vice Chancellor of Dev-Sanskriti Viswavidyalaya, Mr. Sharad Pardhy. He has expressed keen interest in our ashram activities and wants to visit our ashram.

Editor’s Note:

Dr. Prabhu and Pravin Soni were the representatives at this event. Dr.Prabhu is the director of the Meditation Research Institute (MRI) at SRSG, and Pravin is a research scholar who also serves in the lab.



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