Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi


by Meeta Jagtap

Meeta has written, “I am not a writer, all these inspirations are from our guru and lineage. So when ever beautiful visions, thoughts and imaginations come, I do write.” These writings are dedicated to our Gurudeva.

Absolute Beauty!

Someone said you are beautiful and someone said you are not,
In front of the mirror I looked at my reflection,
I whispered what is a beauty, Is it my inner beauty or a cage covered with the garb,
I went close and looked into my eyes, they were same as yours, only colour was the different, isn't it a surprise,
I looked again and saw two hands, two legs and the same skin, isn't it really a surprise!

I smiled and said when you are that one and I am also that one,
who has been created by that, who is supreme and 'All in one' then why in vain,
That which exists in you,
That which encourages you,
That which shows you everything,
That which makes you smile,
That which elevates you,
That which holds your hand,
That which flows inside you is same that which flows inside me,
Some say it is life, some believe it is the great power,
But I surely believe that is Divine!

When same divine dwells in you and me then where lies the diversity,
All are running in urge of beauty and recreation,
All have a heart, no one knows its relation,
As there needs to be an unconditional love and a strong sensation,
The rays from sun behind the pearly gates want to be with all,
When his glory is in every creation,
let’s be drenched in his eternity,
Then there would be no need to be on the path of adversity!


Happy are those, who see happiness beyond any reasons,
Why wait for the spring season, when happiness can be felt in all the seasons,

Summers and winters are poles apart,
be joyous as sun is with us for the longer,
to hold the hands and to show the path,

Though winters are cold and breezy,
be cheerful as clouds from the sky had come down as snow, to snuggle and free us from wrath,

As Autumn has come don't be sad, be glad as shedding of old, can be a beginning of new revelation!

Happy are those, who see happiness beyond any reasons,
smiling for a reason is easy, why always find a reason to be in that condition,

Why search for the happiness outside, when there are thousands of reasons to be happy from within and around,

If challenging others makes you happy,
why not to challenge yourself to be always happy on all the grounds,

letting someone down is a critical game that needs plotting and a judging mind,
Lifting someone up is always touching and kind,

To be yourself is to be happy forever,
to pretend is to wear a mask and be a clever!

Happy are those who see happiness beyond any reasons,
Happiness is a way, not a destination
Though routes are many and the journey is long,

Why not hold hands in hands and make happiness a true soul and sing along!

'First Date'

Paul, a middle-aged person in his 30’s, was shy in nature and had a love marriage. He achieved everything in his life. A beautiful wife, two lovely daughters and a running business from his forefathers. What else he could have asked for? Last one year he was keeping very busy in and out. So he was unable to balance between his professional as well as personal life. Due to an erratic lifestyle, he was unable to give time to his family. By the time he could reach home, daughters were already slept and his wife was not in a mood to talk to him, even though she wanted to spend time with Paul. Poor Paul used to be so tired, he could hardly talk to her. They both used to love each other. However, due to erratic lifestyles and due to Paul’s absence, there was big stretch of communication gap!

Every person around him used to feel that Paul is the luckiest and happiest one; however, this communication gap increased day by day and slowly it was like two beautiful souls living under one roof, unable to spend quality time together.

Paul was supposed to fly the next morning for his business deal,  and in the same country his best friend.

Alex was staying. So he was excited to meet him too. The next day after the deal, he was supposed to meet his friend for dinner. He arrived on time and was waiting for Alex. Here came Alex.

Paul – “Hi, Alex.” (giving him a tight hug) “How are you?” (Paul was shocked to see that after 13 years,

Alex was same young looking dashing lad, with lots of enthusiasm.)

Alex – “Hi, Paul. How have you been?”

Both sat, greeted each other, and felt very happy. They ordered some drinks and food.

Paul was so eager to know how Alex’s life was going and how he has been so lively. In college also he was so lively and still was to date. Through common friends he came to know everything was perfect up to this mark in his life.

Paul was dying to know this secret: how he is so vibrant and alive.

Paul- “Alex, how is Life?”

Alex said nothing could be better than this life. Good job, a beautiful and an understanding wife and two adorable sons. Alex too had a love marriage and a loving and an understanding wife. He added life is getting more beautiful day by day and relationships are getting stronger and stronger. He added still “courtship charisma is alive!”

Paul – “I am sure you guys must be spending lots and lots of time together”,

Alex – “We could hardly spend lots of time. Only on weekends we are free.”

Paul –“How do you maintain balance, between work and professional lives? I mean it seems to be difficult. I mean by the time I come home, I get really exhausted, even if I want to spend time, I can’t.”

Alex – “It is very easy, a simple secret which my wife and I always follow, the concept of a first date.”

Paul – “First Date? (With a surprised look) I believe you guys have been married for the last 12 years. Then what do you mean by first date?”

Alex – “ Exactly, there has been a misconception about the word ‘date.’ People normally think that you can be loving, excited and passionate on your first date only or on special occasions. It is not true, my wife and I whenever we meet make sure we meet each other with the same lovely feelings and passion as when we met on our first date. We always make sure that we not only exchange our smiles and concerns, but we exchange our feelings warmly as if it is our first date. As simple as that. Only we have to remind ourselves that, yes, this moment in which we are together is our first date; with this feeling only things start flowing smoothly.”

Paul – “What about your kids? How do you spend time with them? I mean First Date” (He smiled.)

Alex with a smile, “Why do you think that date means spending time with your soul mate only or the person whom you love. For me it is a very broad term and feeling; I apply it in my every relation.

Whenever I meet my kids, I spend time with the same feeling and enthusiasm. I have felt my relationships are getting stronger day by day; all of us are very close, and it helps all of us to grow emotionally. Which is strong base of any relation. Personally and professionally we work on ourselves daily. At the same time, it is very important to work on ourselves emotionally. It helps us to express ourselves better and avoid misunderstandings.

“My dear friend, always remember your physical presence can make wonders; however, if you are emotionally not present, that relationship can never succeed. Even though  you are spending hours together, that time will not be worth spending!”

Paul felt so light hearted, and he got so emotional, in this moment he could recall all those moments spent with his wife. Where he was present, but he was emotionally not connected.

Both of them had a good time, and Paul was supposed to leave as he wanted to catch his flight. Paul got his message from his all-time best friend. He gave a big hug and both of them departed. He boarded the flight, with a mind-set to start everything afresh. With this mind-set he reached home and his wife opened the door. With a warm smile he greeted his wife.

Paul – “How are you?” She smiled and said “I am fine.” He then said, “Today we will celebrate our first date.” She turned back and said, “Is it our Anniversary? Are we going out?”

Paul – “No, We don’t have to wait for any occasion to spend time with each other. Each day is an occasion itself. We just need to be there for each other fully devoted with a feeling of first date.”


Of all the childhood fairy tales, I wanted to meet the fairies, to be in their fancy world and to feel that magic,
I wondered do they really exist or it is antic,
In search of the characters, I wandered here and there,
Never realised they are within me, in and around as a sphere,
To fulfill my wish, I wanted to fly and be with the genie,
I reminisced and realised to view the world and to fly, I need to close and connect with my mind and simply try!

To be with the fairy, to create the magic from the magic wand,
I have been already gifted with two beautiful hands,
To be in that fairy castle, I felt the place in which I was living is not less than the castle, and I only created the shackles,
To create that dazzle and enchantment, I need to believe and spread my wings,
For that I need to cut off the strings and then only I could set the things,
In quest of the magic, there was no need to go far and beyond,
To swim in that mystical pond, the urge was to connect with pure and loving bond!

In every fairytale, I wished demons would not exist,
Then I realised how I would learn and coexist,
I tried to search the small demons so observed around me,
Finally felt the biggest and the cleverest was hidden within me,
I closed my eyes and introspected, beauty and beast both reside together and were part of me,
The soft tone that echoed and always guided me to be humble was the voice of that little fairy,
The harsh tone which always fed my ego and took me apart was demon's voice that made me weary,
The battle was not between me and others,
It continued within me whether good or bad,
It depends on me how much to suffer,
The Question was who will win the battle?
The answer came the one which you want will only stay and rattle!

Timeless Time

Mary and Drake were married for the last 5 years; one can say that both were a beautifully and happily married couple. They use to complement each other and were complete in every sense. Mary always wanted a child; somehow she was unable to conceive. She used to worry a lot. However, Drake was a very loving partner, not even once did he used to think that there life was incomplete without a child. He was a person who was used to accepting the way life approached. Drake was having a very positive frame of mind. He was blessed with very supportive parents and was raised with good family values. For him it was important to be a good human first; the remaining everything follows thereafter.

Another year was passing; both Mary and Drake were living their lives. Somehow Mary started feeling blank; in a hope to have a baby, she was fading away and her face was becoming pale. Drake could notice that and decided to make her wife understand. One fine evening, Drake came back. He just entered the house, and he saw Mary was sitting and watching T.V. She was simply switching the channels and she was lost in her own world.

Drake – (with a smile as he stood in front of Mary) “Hi Mary, how are you my dear? What’s up?”

Mary – (Startled) “Hi Honey, when did you come?”

Drake took the remote from her hand and switched off the T.V and said, “Let’s go for a stroll.”

Mary – (Got up lifelessly)  “Ok, let’s go.”

They went into the nearby park and sat on the bench; some people were walking, and a few kids were playing. It was a pleasant evening. The bench on which they were sitting was very close to a big tree; as sunset was approaching birds were chirping and there was sweet pleasing fragrance of the grass in the environment.

Drake took Mary’s hand in his hand.  “Honey, what are you thinking?” he asked Mary.

Mary – (With tears in her eyes) “Drake, my time is not good, and days are passing. I feel so lost, and days have become longer. I could hardly enjoy anything. I don’t even feel like going out with my friends. You can’t feel my pain.” she said.

Drake – (Wiping her tears) “No, dear, it’s not like that; I understand what you are going through.”

Mary was not willing to listen to him.

Drake said, “Everything has a perfect timing. Time can never be bad or good. We have identified with time.  It is our thinking which makes time bad or good. If we keep on brooding on our sorrows, time will be stretched for a longer period of time. The path will become longer and wider and you can never reach your destination. You will actually feel days are not passing and you are simply living in that state of mind. Our thinking keeps us separate from the time; we are always surrounded in the whirlpool of our own thoughts and self-created beliefs, which are always guiding us. There comes a time when these thoughts and beliefs surround us and they create a thick wall through which nothing could be seen or heard. Finally, they echo as a very loud noise in our own minds, which does not allow us to come out of that whirlpool and enjoy the time.

“When you say, my dear, your time is not good, that means it’s you who doesn’t want to enjoy that time. The beauty of time is that it can be timeless; it means the time becomes so beautiful that it does not get affected by the situations.

“Look at this tree (pointing towards a big tree). If it says the time is not good for the tree, due to harsh weather and sun, can it enjoy its life? How will it survive, if it starts thinking that way? It can never grow.

“Phases come and go; it stands still there and enjoys every time, in all the seasons. If the tree identifies its life with the time, it can never bear the fruits, my dear. It has its timeless beauty! Which exists forever. Those who enjoy time, it can never become a constraint for them. In fact, the more you are in tune with time, each day passes easily and swiftly and you will start enjoying your life.

“I hope you got it, my dear, let’s not be time bound and live our lives, the way it comes.”

Mary - (Smilingly) “Thank you so much, dear, for being so patient and loving. I will try to associate my feelings not with the time. Good and bad times both were my creations. Time itself has its own beauty, which one should enjoy to the fullest.  Now I am feeling very fresh and light hearted!”

Both got up holding each other’s hands, together they took a walk in the twilight.

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