Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Life in the Gurukulam

by Ahimsa Ishaya

Detailed information about the program of the Swami Rama Dhyana Gurukulam can be found online at http://dhyanagurukulam.org/ .  That is the objective part.  I have been asked to write a little from a subjective perspective.

My purpose here is just to give you a taste of what is of value to me as a student here.  Such details are different for each of us. 

Obviously words cannot convey the internal process.  Yet there are some external things that can be pointed out and celebrated along the way....

A bit of background:

As a woman in the third ashrama of life, I came here with some experience and a lot of questions.  For me this is the culmination of a lifetime of curiosity, practice, and service. What I have been looking for is here, whether I view it from an academic standpoint of world-class resources and instructors or the perspective of my personal spiritual practice.

Here, then, is a sample of what I have found at the Dhyana Gurukulam:

* the opportunity to be living and meditating at the ashram with our primary teacher and spiritual adviser, Swami Veda Bharati. As an initiate in the lineage, I experience this as the most important aspect of the program.  His guidance and teaching is of incalculable value.  The Himalayan Tradition is a living tradition.  The wisdom and love it brings us daily is infinite.  How it functions is ineffable.

* the opportunity to read and study the most extensive and insightful exegesis on the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali that has been written to date.  And to have access to recordings of talks by Swami Veda given to elucidate his writing. (I have been fascinated reading the Yoga Sutras since early 1996 and find that this presentation of the material is more complete than any other that is available. It will keep me busy for the rest of this lifetime, probably further lifetimes as well ...)

* the presence and assistance of Pandit Chandramani, who is one of the very few people in the world at this time who has had the experience of growing up in a traditional gurukulam.  He offers us the benefits of his internalized link with the ancients as well as the fruit of the extensive work he has done since.  A treasure.

* the great blessing of attending classes on the Vijñāna Bhairava given by Bettina Bäumer, student of Laksmanjoo and the world authority in her branch of the tradition.  We are very fortunate that she was able to visit here to teach.   (I have been looking for someone to address this aspect of the tradition since 1997 when I first read the Pratyabijnahridayam, written by her guru brother, Jaideva Singh. She just “happened” to be able to respond to a long-term request from Swami Veda to teach here about a year after I arrived.   Such a “happy accident”! )

* classes given by Siddhartha Krishna, yet another living link to the ancient traditions.  He is a monk who was trained from very early childhood to internalize the wisdom and wonder of the ancients.  He brings an extensive amount of detail as well as a depth of understanding to all of his classes.

* a two week program of information about and practice of techniques leading to Yoga Nidra (given by our own teachers from around the world), a perfect response to another item on my personal wish list.   A timely gift.

* seva here at SRSG.    I find that the work I do here greatly blesses both my studies and my personal practice.  (That is the nature of seva, after all.)

* Ma Radha, Swami Ritavan, Tejas, Medha, and Carolyn, as well as Jagadananda Das, Pandits Stoma and Priyadarshan:  brilliant minds and infinite love embodied for the benefit of everyone here, expressed in so many different ways every day.

I will end my list here...

... not because it is finished by any means, but because if I were to even try to address all of the loving beings, resources and events that we are gifted with here this article would be far too long.

Suffice it to say that I am enjoying the opportunities and learning from the challenges here as well.  The Gurukulam experience brings an abundance of both.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any further questions or curiosity about any aspect of our program.

Curiosity can open many doors to unexpected blessings...

I look forward to hearing from you.  (Ahimsa can be contacted directly at [email protected] .)

Other programs

We also have many other programs here at SRSG.  Some of these are ongoing (such as the Dhyana Gurukulam, TTP, and our Guest Program).  Other special programs are constantly changing (such as our Guru Purnima Retreats, our Children's Retreats, international speakers such as Bettina Bäumer and many others).

You can find our program calendar on our website at www.ahymsin.org.  Just click on the “Upcoming Events “tab at the top of the homepage.  And always feel free to contact us with any questions about further details of these programs.  Hari Om

Editor’s Note:

Admissions are open for Fall 2015 for the Swami Rama Dhyana Gurukulam, a 3 to 5 year residential program at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in Rishikesh, India. Come for no less than one year. School year: 1st October – 15th May. Deadline for applications: 15th August. Enquire at: [email protected]  Website: http://dhyanagurukulam.org/

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