Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi


by Meeta Jagtap

Meeta writes, “I am not a writer, all these inspirations are from our guru and lineage. So when ever beautiful visions, thoughts and imaginations come, I do write.” These writings are dedicated to our Gurudeva.

Flawless Nature!

A stroll in the nature is always an instant rejuvenation. I realised the garden was full of vibrant colourful tulips.  I bent down and looked at one of the flowers entangled with the stem; this flower was not willing to leave the thorny stem.  I stood still as I saw a butterfly was approaching this tulip. A cool breeze of air started; this flower bent down and so did this butterfly. It sat on the flower and started sipping the nectar. Was it a bonding between butterfly and the flower? One bowed down and the other one automatically bowed. Both embraced each other leaving their egos aside. I could not figure out whether the flower was happy because of the butterfly or this  butterfly was happy to see this flower. How easily both became flexible and bent down to greet each other. Thereafter butterfly sat calmly and started sipping the nectar.  It started to establish an everlasting bonding. I was totally mesmerized to see this phase of nature's abode. It is truly said that nature has a very big heart with infinite love flourishing in it, and it has its own way to adjust and to teach us. The Beauty of Relations is also like the flower and a butterfly; they are sensitive. To embrace each other we need to accept each other the way person is. This can only happen when we are flexible and giving, when we bend down and leave our egos aside. Then only can pure sweetness like nectar in each other be tasted and then only can beauty like a flower be admired.

Unseen Miracles!

In the hustle bustle of life, whenever I felt tired, my eyes looked for them the way they dealt it with smile,

Their touch and hug which kept me inspired and alive, wanted to know how they made life worthwhile!

I wanted to know their secrets and looked into the world from their inquisitive eyes,

I wanted to read their minds, which were full of imagination and beyond the skies!

Those angel faces which were far far away from the mundane things,

when life seems to be full of downfalls and gave a fling,

I wanted to be with those angels, look down, relive and fly with those silver wings!

Those small hands which were soaked in the mud to shape the toys,

I wanted to acquire that art of moulding the problems in life to be calm and poised!

Those half said words and baby like expressions,

I wanted to imitate those words, so that I forget every carried impressions!

Those hidden super heroes and heroines traits hidden deep inside them, standing and posing in front of the mirror,

I wanted to enact like them, regain confidence before my happiness disappears!

Those genius and intellect looks while building the blocks,

I wanted to get absorbed in their thinking and learn that game when my mind gets blocked!

Those listening to the stories and lullabies at night and dozing off in between,

I wanted to have that sound baby like sleep, getup refreshed, and see that which was unseen!

Free the Mind's Bird!

Day and night, night and day, I felt a bird was trapped in the cage,

It never knew what freedom was and the beautiful world outside, as it was in its own cage!

It kept on waiting for someone to come and feed,

It never knew that it could fly, be on its own, go out and lead!

Hopping, chirping and looking around from those dove's eyes,

It thought this was the only way to live a life and felt it was the only paradise!

Staying and being there for many years it got attuned,

Slowly and gradually years after years it started to feel ruined!

In hope and desperation it started looking to seek someone, who could come and set it free,

After waiting for so long, it kept still, thereafter it saw the light, heard its own voice which showed it the way and gave the key!

To enter into the new world, it had to leave behind the old habits and its comfort zone,

To be the king of its castle and to sit on his throne, it needed an intense training and strength so that it can be on its own!

Every time it tried to moved out of that cage,  it was pulled back by its own myths and fears,

It tried and tried and many times it fell down and was in tears!

All these years it tried and couldn't move out, as it followed the approach of myself,

Finally it wiped the tears, with willingness and faith it surrendered to the higher self!

The moment it surrendered all the ways to reach him got clear,

It was set free from the clutches of its own fears!

The world outside was full of love, light, wisdom and it was in the abode of divine,

It flew higher and higher got steady and was free from that trap of mine!

The Tiny Voice!

That feeling was beyond happiness, as this was the gift which she received from the divine,

the smile, the wave of bliss which I could see on her face was full of chimes!

She started to build her own world, where only she and the new soul was there,

feeling at peace and sitting in the silence, often she used to talk to her and always kept her in mind and in her prayers!

As the days were passing she felt a new life has been infused,

her heart was contented and she was amused!

One day while her eyes were closed, she heard a soft tiny voice, it said will you nurture and love me,

she said you are an angel from the heaven, who have to enlighten my abode with love and glee!

The tiny voice said, while coming to the earth God said, I am sending you to accomplish the mission,

the voice further said, humans will welcome you later, first they will set many conditions!

In anxious tone she said what is that mission and how I can I help you?

I simply know, I am in you and you are in me, that's how we have to nurture each other and that is only true!

The tiny voice said God told me, in this world of humans, I created many angels like you and bless them with abundance of love, strength, peace and humility,

so that we can fly around and vanish pain, fear, anger and here everyone sees us as liability!

The tiny voice said, before we dream to fly, our wings are snatched away,

we too are the part of this beautiful creation, allow us to bloom and mesmerize, so that we too can sing and sway!

Tears rolled down from her eyes, thereafter she promised the tiny voice,

She will never allow her beautiful world to tore apart and she will always pray to the divine that the 'tiny voice' remains everyone's first choice!

Appreciation Matters!

Jessie and Sam have been married the past ten years. Both had a love marriage, and they were blessed with one adorable son. Though Sam loved Jessie, he never used to express his feelings. On the contrary, Jessie was very loving towards her son and husband. Apart from her day-to-day responsibilities she was very expressive and used to appreciate her work place and was thankful that she got this beautiful life.

Jessie was working as a teacher in a school; in fact, in her school she was the most honoured teacher. Students not only respected her, but they were very comfortable with her. Results for her class were always hundred percent. She always used to believe, if you want to be respected, give respect to others. Be it babies, children or any other person. She applied this principle not only in her personal as well as professional life but in other things also.

Sam was working with the business firm; due to his erratic schedules, he often used to come late. By the time he comes, his son was already asleep. Jessie had to get up early in the morning, so after Sam used to come, very patiently she used to serve him food and then she would ask Sam how was his day, and he always used to reply “Is something New about this Day? It is the same as another day. Same old work, same old people and my office too”. That day also Sam came late and she asked, “Sam how was your day ?” He replied with the same answer and he asked, “How was yours?”

Jessie – “It was a beautiful day, where I learnt a lot from my students and my colleagues. While coming back in a bus, I was really thankful for this beautiful life.”

Sam laughed and said, “How can be your life so beautiful every day?. It is the same life; it gets rather boring, my dear. What have you learnt from your students and colleagues?”

Jessie – “I don’t know, honey, but I love my work, I love people and I see every day which comes in my life as a process of growing and learning. We can learn a lot in every day and from each other’s lives. Every day I learn co-ordination, patience, expressing myself. All these are the tools to live life beautifully.”

Sam – “I also love my work. How can someone else teach me; I have my own knowledge and expertise in the subjects. I am getting a good salary; that is because I have skills in my own subject. No one can compete with me. The company is paying me because I am giving them my services. What is the need of appreciation and being thankful? Also no one has so much time that we can keep on wasting our time at our workplace. Yes, I am thankful because I am doing my work; that’s why they are paying me. Let’s sleep now; I am tired. Also, I have to leave early tomorrow.”

Sam was a busy man, who never realised, what was happening around him. He never used to appreciate his wife, how she used to maintain balance between her works and office and how she was taking care of their son. He always used to say, “It’s our responsibilities; we all are playing our roles.”

Next day Jessie got up late; by the time she was awake, it was almost nine in the morning. She couldn’t get up from the bed. She was feeling very weak. She informed school authorities that she wouldn’t be coming to the school. Along with her son, she stayed at home. She called someone for help from her neighbours, as she was unable to look after her son. In the evening she thought, she would go with Sam; however, Sam stayed late in his office with some client, and he came very late.

On reaching home, he saw everything was disorganised and Jessie was lying on her bed. She had a high fever. He simply said, “Sorry, I could not come. Tomorrow also I have some work in my office. I will ask my friend’s wife; she will take you to the physician.”

Jessie simply said ok and smiled; she took antibiotics and slept. Next day Sam’s friend’s wife came and she took Jessie to the physician. After doing her diagnosis, the physician said, “Right now I am giving some multivitamins, and you need complete bed rest for at least one week. Rest.  I will let you know after reports will come.” Jessie came home, and she called her mother for the support.

Meanwhile Sam was supposed to go out of town for two to three days for his official work. He had been working for this deal for the past one month. Next day early morning he had to board the flight. So he went to Jessie. She was comfortable as her mother was there with her. Sam went to Jessie and kissed on her forehead and said, “Sorry.” She was tired and she slept.

Next day, he got up late, so he had to missed his flight; however, he called customer care. No immediate ticket was available for the next flight. However, the deal was very important for his company. If he would not have reached the destination on time, that deal could have been cancelled. So he requested the customer care officer to arrange a ticket; somehow it was arranged but he had to pay extra money from his pocket. He boarded the taxi. He was bit rude with the taxi driver, as many things were going in his mind. He was pushing the driver to drive fast and there was a heated argument between them. Finally he reached the airport on time

He checked in and boarded the flight. He got a seat next to man who worked for an MNC and they both started the conversation about each other’s professions. The man sitting next to him was from a top management company and his company had to deal sometimes with Sam’s firm. So he narrated his experience that Sam’s firm doesn’t handle relationships well with the clients. The man said he was thinking to cancel all further deals with Sam’s firm; however, he will think of giving one more chance. Sam, on the other hand, could not say anything; he said that he will communicate the message to the board of directors and we will take care in the future.

Finally he landed and reached the client’s office. He apologised for being late. Well, the board meeting started, and there were other service providers. So the client said, “What special offer do you have? I have the same deals with other service providers. Why should I give business to you? What’s new in your deal?”

Sam was feeling helpless. Somehow he convinced the client after making some variations, and he cracked this deal. Finally he was through with all the work. He reached the hotel very late and dinner was almost finished. So only tea, coffee and fruits were available. He was so tired after eating he slept immediately.

He got up next morning and he just recalled the last day. He was just thinking and his phone rang, which startled him, and he opened his eyes. It was a phone call from his boss who said, “You have done a good job. If this deal would have been lost, management was thinking to transfer you to another department.” He said, “I will meet you tomorrow in the office,” and he hung up the phone. He joined his hands; he thanked God, all the people, his boss, and he appreciated and thanked each one for their respective works. He realised the customer care officer who arranged the ticket for him – though he had to pay, the customer care officer took extra effort to help Sam; the taxi driver who reached the airport on time – though he had an argument with the driver, but he was kind enough towards Sam; the man in the plane who gave him another chance – though Sam did not feel like talking to him, the client who gave him the deal; and the boss and management people. He realised how people were considerate towards him.

He then called Jessie. Her mother picked up and replied that Jessie is better and she gave phone to Jessie. She asked, “How did everything go?” Sam simply replied, “It was the most memorable trip. Yes, you are right, Jessie; we truly learn a lot from each other and in every day we have many reasons to appreciate people and things and there are many reasons to be thankful for.

Jessie said, “Is it, my dear, but how please tell me?

Sam said, “I will come home by the evening and will tell you everything in detail.”

*Let’s appreciate small little things in our life.*



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