AHYMSIN NEWSLETTER, Special Issue July 2015 

Honouring That Which We Share

by Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati

Hari Om dear brothers and sisters,

Today I like to touch all of you; and honour that which we share. We all have different memories and different experiences of the times we shared with Swami Veda. I personally remembered one of the first times I met him, he told me: I will not be your father, we are too close in age, I will be your elder brother.

My elder brother has left, and I must admit I feel a strange mixture between sadness and joy. Sad, for I will not see his smile, when I come in November to India, and joy... that he is released from the suffering vessel, that was his body and that he has moved into the light. Highly evolved Beings, so it says in the Prashno Upanishad, move to the sun. I love that image, because now the rays of that sun... are always close to us, light always shining.

With love in the heart I greet each and every-one of you!

I smile, with his message: smera smera stimita… which I will never forget --- at each and every one of you – and am aware of our shared existence and connection in and through the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters.

I deeply bow to the Spirit of my “Elder Brother”, with love and affection,

Swami Nitya



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