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  AHYMSIN NEWSLETTER, Special Issue July 2015 

Two Poems from Stoma

Dr. Stephen Parker (Stoma) has kindly shared these poems on the occasion of Swami’s Mahasamadhi.

Last November, after the very difficult summer of 2014, I wrote the following while with Swamiji at SRSG.

With my Teacher

When you put off the coat I shall not grieve!
My tears shall be all gratitude for grace
And patient centuries of nurture, kind
And fierce alike, that’s been my gift.

That you are free and clear and in the light
Will be my joy and I will learn to look
Within for what remains of you in me, 
And follow where I can that path of light.

I must admit a part of me will wonder,
When and where the spark of recognition
Will ignite in crossing your returning 
Path. But for this I’ll never worry.

For once you dried my tears and softly offered: 
Where there is meditation, we’re together.

With my teacher, Swami Veda Bharati
15 November 2014

Dawn Promising

Dawn promising through the fog,
I slip away from the dock
heartsinging the prayer to make the lake
all Ganga. All still,
I stroke into mystery,
lose the dock in the mist.
There is only depth
and beautiful, cool freshness,
the cool lake holding yesterday’s sun.

I glide naked into the end of night
wondering whether this is like
the great adventure,
gradually losing my bearings,
losing my coverings,
losing motion,

Stephen Parker
After an early morning swim,
Kernave Lithuania

30 June 2013



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