Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Letter to AHYMSIN Family

Dr. Mohan Swami, President of Dhyana Mandiram Trust and President of AHYMSIN, expressed his felicitations to Swami Ritavan Bharati for being appointed Ashram Pramukh, the spiritual head of Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama and the successor of Swamiji.

Swami Ritavan Bharati expressed his gratitude for the support from the entire AHYMSIN sangha world-wide, and for the trustworthy governance of each of the DMT Trustees. He emphasized that each plays an important role and only through cooperation do we carry the mission forward.

And continued with the observation: The lakhs of persons attending the shodashi events created the ambience of a true pilgrimage site, which will continue to welcome many sadhus, initiates and sadhakas. He felt that the blessings received from Mahatmas and Sadhus uphold a subtle reality of the continual presence of Swami Veda and Gurudeva, Swami Rama.

Swami Ritavan as Ashram Pramukh said that the details for the next steps of the mission work would be worked out and put in place. We will follow Swami Veda's wishes for collaboration with pleasant and honest communication, clarity of mind, and purity of heart. We will adhere to his dictum: "Let each person feel loved."

And writes: AHYMSIN headquarters at SRSG will remain a center of gravity for sangha connecting everybody across the globe. AHYMSIN’s primary role is to create awareness and make available the teachings of the Tradition as espoused by Swami Rama and through Swami Veda. This will be realized through keeping the entire Sangha informed of the activities both at SRSG, and through the Centers of each region.  Our dharana-shakti remains in the spiritual focus of classes, programs, seminars, events, both at SRSG and through a comprehensive outreach network. The role of DMT is to provide infrastructural support for the mission work and to act as the financial arm of the Sangha.



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