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    Meditation in the Labour Ward

    By Dr. Shirin Venkat

    At the Swami Rama Sadhaka Gram, our beloved Swami Veda Bharati has over several years been training one and all in the art of relaxed awareness. At every retreat or conference he has exhorted us to practice a 2-3 minute meditation prior to any activity one undertakes, and hence it is a rule before any class begins at the Ashram or even a guest lecture is being taken that the participants practice a short meditation. Lack of time therefore is no excuse. He often asked “Is your forehead relaxed?”

    The Labour Ward (where women deliver babies) in any hospital is perhaps the most happening place. In fact it is seen as a Pandora’s Box where what comes in and what goes out is most unpredictable. It can be a simple smooth quick and easy delivery or one wrought with the most dreaded complications with fetal (Baby) or maternal distress and the spectrum of events in between. No wonder it is extremely stressful particularly for the inexperienced and under training doctors, who often times go without sleep and food.

    This inspired Dr. Shirin Venkat to put the short meditation into practice and infect others with it. As the round taken to see any patient usually begins at the Labour Ward, Dr. Shirin Venkat would ask all staff and residents to gather together and then conduct a 2-3 minute meditation. Following this the patients are seen, and with a relaxed and alert mind the cases are discussed and managed.  It has been a practice for the last two years. What was most heartening to know was that when Dr. Shirin Venkat is on leave one of the residents or the Sister in Charge conducts the meditation at 9 am every single day!

    To watch a video clip of the 2-3 minute meditation we do every day at the labour ward, please click on title: Meditation in the Labour Ward. Perhaps others will find this useful.

    Following is a brief feedback from the residents and Sister in Charge. This practice is totally feasible even in the busiest of places and totally acceptable. What Swami Veda Bharati has taught is invaluable and applicable.

    Meditation and Yoga Feedback

    Dr. Manika:

    Yoga done early in the morning refreshes our mind and gives energy and inner peace; especially after a hectic day and night duty, meditation rejuvenates our body and soul.

    Dr. Aditi:

    Yoga keeps us keep calm, cool and helps in concentrating well throughout the day. Yoga is like a sadhana. It really helps in paying attention to each and every part of the body. We should practice it daily.

    Dr. Kiran (M):

    Meditation is a divine feeling early in the morning. It improves concentration and attention span, keeps one fresh and lively throughout the day and gives one a good sleep at night. Yoga helps to attain Physical, Mental and Spiritual well being.

    Dr. Naina:

    Yoga and Meditation help in body-mind coordination to be physically and mentally healthy in this stressful life. Meditation which we do early morning is rejuvenating so should be practiced

    Dr. Rupali:

    Yoga and Meditation are the best activities that can be done early morning. They have got countless benefits. Helps in keeping calm, cool and disciplined.

    Dr. Nidhi:

    Meditation personally for me daily in the department keeps one organised. Yoga is very refreshing. Yoga should be considered as a part of our lifestyle, very important for all of us working in stressful environment. Adds light and happiness and can be miraculous if followed sincerely.

    Dr. Mangesh:

    Yoga and Meditation brings our mind, body and soul in alignment. This improves our concentration, stability of mind. and above all the internal happiness and joy is unexplainable. Also after meditation, the solutions of our outer world problems are very easily sorted out within our internal soul which is the ultimate truth. At least once we should try to meet our internal spirit through the meditation.

    Sister Priya:

    Daily Meditation helps us to develop and encourages concentration, clarity, positive thinking, helps us to be calm, composed and have control over emotions, helps us to have a sound sleep, good appetite, keeps us out of stress. Helps to develop and maintain good relations with our peers and staff which maintain a good peaceful environment resulting in good working feedback and proper work.



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