by Madhav P Kamat

Up to 14th July, Poojya Swamiji (Swami Veda Bharathi) was with us. He was a moving spirit, rare to find on this earth. We were fortunate to enjoy his company. Walking with him or talking to him, even receiving him, was like flowing with him. Every word he spoke was guidance, every sentence he delivered was a flow of energy and every direction he gave was benediction. That we could take guidance to add value and meaning to our life is nothing short of a miracle.

There are no words to express condolences on this occasion. I can only say Pranam.

When I went to Rishikesh in 2001,Swamiji told me, “Madhavji, you are going to arrange my visit to Bangalore.” I was hesitant to accept because I was not equipped to handle such an event. Then, he looked at me and said, “All these years, where were you?

His gaze was pulling out information from my heart. The next morning he put his thumb on my forehead and that sealed the whole process. We formed a small committee to make arrangements for Swamiji’s visit. I had with me Bharat Mehta, Ashok Shanbhag and the entire EAPL team who took their positions, and like a well-tuned orchestra, the events started flowing. Things started happening through us. Every step we took, whether it was booking the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Hall, inviting ex-Chief Justice of India Shri M. N. R.Venkatachaliah, the ex director of TIFR Shri Srikantan, and the great Belgian artist, Jean Letcher, met with success. We could take our plans forward according to schedule. Swamiji would check everyday how we were progressing.

Despite our meticulous planning, Swamiji’s visit was studded with number of unplanned events. But they so beautifully unfolded that it was not just enjoyable, but almost miraculous.

When Swamiji stepped on the stage at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, he had attracted more than 2000 Bangalore citizens, drawn to him like iron filings to a magnet. The pindrop silence while he was conducting meditation was thick with unbelievable spiritual force. On one side of the stage was a large photo of Poojya Swami Rama who seemed to be guiding the management of such a large crowd.

Every evening Swamiji would telephone to bring to our notice some things that needed to be corrected. Whether it was a TV interview or a trip to Mysore, every detail was checked.

One day he asked me, “Madhavji, I want to bring one more person to manage my medicines.”

“No problem,” I said.

The next day, he said, “I have a disciple from Malaysia. Can you accommodate her?” My answer was the same.

On the third day he said, “Madhavji, I remember a story: An Arab was passing through a desert. The sun was very bright, the sand was burning hot, so he put up his tent and slept inside, leaving the poor camel out. Seeing the master’s comfort, the camel said, ‘Can I stretch one leg inside, sir?’ The Arab felt sorry and agreed. After sometime, it asked for another leg to be put inside. Eventually the camel was in, the Arab was out.

There is one more person here with me, her name is Anne Glazier. Can we accommodate her also?”

I said, “Sure. We can accommodate all the camels and the ARAB.” Both of us had a hearty laugh.

Of course, the Bangalore trip was a great success.

One day I received an email from Swamiji. “Madhavji, we are going to have a conference in Rishikesh and I need some beautiful sandalwood statues. I thought you are the right person to ask about them.”

For two days we searched all over Bangalore and Karwar through my brother Shreedhar. Then I sent a mail to Swami Veda Bharathi. He had asked for Radha-Krishna, Dhyanastha Shiva, and the calm and composed Buddha.

“In my search,” I wrote, “I could find Krishna but no Radha with him and Shiva is refusing to close his eyes, Buddha is kind enough to co-operate.”

Swamiji wrote back, “Leave Radha behind, bring along Krishnaji. With traffic noise in Bangalore, Eshwara has no scope to close his eyes, so don’t bother, butI like the company of Buddha, so bring as many as possible.”

This wonderful Vibhuthi is rare to get. The Fragrance of his existence lingers in the air (do you get me?).

Madhav P Kamat
Initiate of Swami Rama and guided by Swami Veda Bharati



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