Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

In Remembrance of Swamiji

by Meeta Jagtap

Breathing and evolving in an unseen womb of love and wisdom,
It felt like a new life has been infused,
a rock hard pebble was stuck on the desolate path, 
the current of the river with its embracing force has carved its niche and made it move,
like a child with a tender heart who needs to be loved,
your presence as a mantra in my heart and unfathomable love has filled my empty heart with a boundless source of love,
one admires the fruits and flowers on the tree, 
No one knows the depth and intensity of the roots beneath it, 
the way it nurtures, since the roots are in the dark and holding the tree intact, so that it could stand firm and could be in that light, 
like that you have held me  intact and has nurtured me to see that light,
when I got lost and dissipated, 
I covered my eyes tightly with my hands, 
As sun rays you entered between my fingers and brightened my eyes with the sun lit wisdom, spread like the sun sand,
the path was vast and diverse, spread like a mosaic of many footprints, 
some were small and some were mysterious,
I walked and fell down, stood up again, walked till I was tired and fell down, listening to your voice, I got up and started walking again,
as I have  that deep desire to learn and  am truly curious,
On the dark night everyone longs for that moon, 
slowly it starts approaching with the beautifying phases, 
when the full moon night arrives, 
in the same sky the moon illuminates without any old trace,
like first ray which emerges from the sun on the crimson canvas, which has a power to diminish the darkness,
every day when I get up with your remembrance in my breath and heart,
now such is my life which you have filled with that infinite grace!



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