Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Guru Purnima in Budapest

by Dr. Stephen Parker (Stoma)

AHYMSIN Hungary sponsored a large Guru-Purnima celebration in the main hall of a neoclassical building in the Budapest technical university. Originally, the size of the celebration was due to the presence of Ashutosh and Stoma, but was made all the more so by Swami Veda’s departure from the body. There were 170 participants.

In addition to Ashu and Stoma, representatives from several different centers participated. Ashu conducted a long asana flow class followed by pranayama with Anna Mezösi, and a relaxation practice by Dr. Béla Daubner. After a break for dinner, there were some words about the tradition by Dea Csuba and a brief talk about Guru-Purnima and Swami Veda by Stoma who read his poems about Swamiji’s departure with initiate Attila Kondor who had written Hungarian translations for them. Stoma then partially led the full moon meditation, the second half of which was silent.

The event was also attended by Monika Bertalan and her husband Miklós Zoltai from Debrecen. Miklos is one of the most senior yoga teachers in Hungary and is a graduate of our teacher training program.

It was a wonderful afternoon and evening for greeting old friends and new in the very large Hungarian AHYMSIN family.

Editor’s Note:

More about Himalájai Jóga Tradíció in Hungary can be found at http://www.himalaja.hu/

Miklós Zoltai is center leader of Debreceni Jóga Egyesület.



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