Home from Home; Heart to Heart

by Moni Ambrus

Even if the trip was already planned - I’ve booked the plane ticket on 29th April – during the process when it has realized, I felt that there is a great bliss beyond the planning. I am grateful to my mother and to my friends for their support as well.

I was preparing to practice 10 days of silence during the Guru Purnima Celebration. My plan was to turn inward mostly, to face with my divorce and get conclusions if it’s still needed, and I also wanted to know where am I standing now in my life.

Of course, almost everything happened differently…

As we hear a lot from our beloved teachers: We always get what we need mostly, and sometimes it does not correspond to our plans or to our desires…

Our beloved Swaimi Veda Bharati passed from his body and took his Mahasamadhi 14th July. A wonderful article from Joanne Sullivan’s experiences about those days: The Mahasamadhi of Swami Veda Bharati (click on title).

Three days later, 17th July the 'Jal Samadhi' happened, which is sinking the body to the bottom of the Holy Ganges River. JP Bahuguna captured the moments as well with unique sense and keen eye: Swamiji's Maha Samadhi July 17, 2015(click on title).

I could hardly stay here in my Hungarian home after Swamiji’s 'transformation', my Indian heart was pulled by my home over there.

His presence became incredibly strong and loving. I felt his presence even stronger than before. Several people shared similar experiences later here and there as well.

I didn’t know what kind of experiences to expect. I was afraid it was a bit of an emotional roller-coaster that bundle hidden in my soul; and at that time the extreme weather was worrying too. Meanwhile, I was sure: I have to go, my place is there, no matter what happens, everything is going to be alright.

Two days after the ‘Jal Samadhi’, on the 19th, with a smooth and gentle flow, with ambivalent emotions, full of excitement, with my open heart and love, I arrived home from home.

Geographically, this place is a tiny area of the ​​North-India, of Rishikesh. For me an island of peace and treasure which embraces the whole world. In February 2011, I was initiated and merged here into one with the infinite and pure source of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition.

One day was enough to get used to a local rhythm. I dropped in to Laxman Jhula for a few hours to get some gifts. Cleverly negotiated with the drivers on prices, which is part of the local tradition. It was a surprising experience that the strong sunshine and high humidity combination was pretty well bearable. For the entire truth, it could happen because the air conditioning in my room maintained a pleasantly cool temperature as well… ;-)

Next day I’ve started the well planned 10-days of silence practice. Let it be!
I did my own daily routine: asana practice, nadi shodhanam, meditation with an internal dialogue, mantra japa and journaling. I joined also in the 16-days memorial service – Shodashi.

As part of this, I was attended on common meditations, the Gayatri Japa chanting; the offerings –and fire ceremony – Puja and Purna-ahuti Yajna; the evening gatherings, and on 29th the final tribute ceremony and special meal service - Shradhanjali Samaroha and Shodhashi bhandara; and finally on 31st the Guru Purnima Celebrations.

During this time I dived into quiet and peaceful depths, and also let the swirling emotions to emerge in front of me. I observed the waves of my mind and the old memories, and all my practices helped me to let everything go. In parallel a space opened for the compassion, for the sorrow and pain, and for a releasing joy and love.

I let go the outer frame of the 10 days of silence. On the sixth day I’ve started to connect to the beautiful souls around me, and they fascinated me with their pure, kind and loving presence. I became richer with new relationships. I experienced how to keep the inner focus and at the same time keep the connection openly. Deeply touched by both kinds of togetherness, the quiet and the talkative too. I’m very grateful for all of you and thankful to all of you!!!

The farewell event on 29th of July was well organized. Everyone knew where they had to be, what to do; it was a smoothly flowing event. Content and happy smiles reflected on the faces at the end of the day. It was a very special and moving experience on that day:
Love, acceptance, support and honor to Swami Ritavan from the Swami community and from the international Himalayan family as well.

Wonderful to experience Swamiji’s presence and his heritage as one! His presence has been taught a lot to me, about the death as well. This period has also great teachings. How strong and deep is my faith? It’s time for certainty.

It feels good to remember the words of Stomy Persaud – one of the daughters of Swamiji - with which she beautifully expressed:

Swamiji’s mission alive and keep flowing through us. Let’s continue the mission that we’ve started!!!

And let it be as Swami Ritavanji reminded us:

“Please keep his intention in your mind – ‘Let every person feel loved’”

with much Love and Light,

Photos from me: https://www.facebook.com/mona.ambrus/media_set?set=a.10207154351720580.1073741894.1335974450&type=3



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