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HYT- TTP Newsletter, November 2015

by Rabindra Sahu

Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah.

It is my privilege to present you my first HYT-TTP newsletter as the full time manager replacing Maryon Maass. I wish to say that no one can replace her. The way she managed the TTP office, her interactions with the students was outstanding. Thank you, Maryon, for the selfless hours you contributed.

This TTP is significant in many ways. This is the first TTP in the physical absence of Swami Veda, and for the first time we have introduced the 500 Hour certification; the first TTP with a new Ashram Pramukh, Swami Ritavan. Adding to this, it is my first TTP as a TTP manager. It is a time of appreciation, reflection and gratitude towards the mission of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition. I hope to serve your requirements with regards to TTP in the coming days.

We had Level-One with 15 participants representing 9 countries: India, Romania, Canada, USA, Burma, Ecuador, Norway, Jordan and the Netherlands.

Ten participants from 7 countries (UK, Netherlands, Scotland, India, Taiwan, Belgium and Mauritius) participated in the Level-Three (500-Hour) program.

The Level-1 participants enjoyed and refined their basic and fundamental practices during the two week intensive retreat, and the Level-3 participants focused mainly on group discussions, presentations and teaching.

Halfway through the two weeks, we had our customary outing to the picturesque HIHT (Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust). It was the Mahasamadhi anniversary of Swami Rama. We enjoyed the experience to meditate near the Mahasamadhi Room at the Swami Rama Centre and a special talk on “Ayurveda, the Science of Life” by Dr. Ravindra Mamgain, doctor at the Ayurveda Centre

We celebrated the graduation ceremony with 9 students accorded “HYT-TTP 500 Hour” certification and 2 students accorded the 200 Hour graduation certificates. We congratulate them for completing all the requirements of our rigorous Teacher Training Program.

  • Geeta Bhoi received her 600 Hour certification.
  • Beatrix Dekkers-Heezius, Francine (Sujata) Kuo, Jim Fraser, John Sellinger, Marloes Vervaet, Rajini Prakash, Tacson Fernandez, Wendy Compeer and Yvonne Dekker received their 500 Hour Certification.
  • Ashley Grandisch  and Sarojini Asgarally were given 200 Hour graduation certificates.

We are grateful to our teachers: Ashutosh Sharma, Dr. Stephen (Stoma) Parker, Marilou Hermens, Peter Fabian, Pierre Lefebvre and Sonia Van Nispen who lovingly guided the students. We were happy to receive the quiet blessings of Swami Ritavan Bharati and for his inspiration and love.

Others who supported the program with their dedication and expertise: Dr. Prabhu, Dr. Manju, Adhikari Bhoi, Chandramani ji, Geeta Bhoi, Ramcharit Das, Ramprakash and Sandeep Pandey. The SRSG faculty guided the morning Ha-tha Yoga to the TTP students while continuing to serve the guests of Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) all day.

I would like to end by thanking Swami Veda who envisioned such a unique program and guiding us on the path to peace and love. Although he left his body, I always loved his reminders at every retreat; “The ‘certificate’ does not necessarily make us a good teacher. We must be humble, attract quietness and peacefulness by cultivating that in ourselves, and avoid the ‘circus’ style of yoga classes taught all around us”.


Here are some tips to help yourself and your mentor with your online assignments.

1) Document Name: You may want to try this way to name your assignments:

Assignment_1_Name_date. The next would be named, Assignment_2_Name_date etc.

2) Heading in the document: Put your name, date, mentor’s name, and even your location at the beginning.

3) Include the questions into the document so your mentor need not look up the question. An answer without the question is an inconvenient read.

4). Point: Keep the answers to the essence of the question. This will keep the papers short and easy, it will be understood that you are progressing.

5) Multiple questions: Multiple questions in one assignment need to be on ONE DOCUMENT. That saves the space and keeps the questions in sequence for the mentors to decipher.

The Next HYT-TTP Retreat

The next HYT-TTP retreat is from March 13-26, 2016. To Register for Level one, please visit the website (www.hyt-ttp.com ) or contact Rabindra Sahu at the [email protected]  address.

For the level-2 students, it’s important to note that the Mentors need to approve a student before the student comes to the next level”.


Please communicate with us regularly as to what your plans are in order to have a fruitful and long lasting association. Just ask, check in with us at [email protected]

In loving Service,


Editor’s Note:

HYT-TTP is the “Himalayan Yoga Tradition – Teacher Training Program”.  HYT-TTP offers retreats twice yearly at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) in Rishikesh, India.  Website: www.hyt-ttp.com.  Contact: Rabindra Sahu at the [email protected]  

The next HYT-TTP retreat at SRSG will be March 13 – 26, 2016; please see http://hyt-ttp.com/india.html



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