Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Annual Initiators Retreat

by Michael Kissener

Dear AHYMSIN family,

The annual initiators retreat was held at SRSG from November 23rd until December 2nd. With our beloved Swami Veda having dropped his physical frame on 14th July this year, this meeting of initiators and trainees for becoming initiators was the first opportunity to consider together the needs and objectives for Swamiji’s mission to continue. Swami Veda had repeatedly expressed very clearly, that the mission to transmit the teachings of the Himalayan tradition as presented by Swami Rama has to continue.

Individual feelings, impressions and experiences about the continued presence and guidance through SVB were shared and expressed. There was and is the strong impression, that the inspiration flowing from the lineage of the Himalayan Masters continues, giving guidance and confirming the sangha to continue with Swamiji’s mission. Our beloved Swamiji has not ‘left’ at all; his presence is available for everyone. Tuning into his subtle presence allows us to receive his blessings and guidance and to stay in touch with the light, wisdom and love that is the tradition.

Swamis and initiators form the Adhyātma Samiti, the spiritual committee of AHYMSIN. The samiti serves as assistance and support for Swami Ritavan Bharati, the appointed Spiritual Guide (ashram pramukha), to carry out his duties and projects, providing spiritual guidance for the sangha. Defined as the spiritual committee of AHYMSIN, the participants looked into role, tasks and functions that the samiti has to fulfill.

Forming a unified mindfield through meditation and forming strong connections in working together as one body was felt necessary to fulfill the tasks and duties as well as SVB’s will and wishes. Among many others, it is the samiti’s duty to respond to all questions on spiritual matters, providing spiritual guidance for the sangha. For any questions on spiritual practise and matters you can use the following link to contact the samiti: http://ahymsin.org/main/adhyatma-samiti-spiritual-committee.html  

Also check out the schedule of ashram activities and events: http://ahymsin.org/main/events-maps-schedules/upcoming-events.html 

14th July 2016 will mark Swami Vedas first mahasamadhi anniversary, just a few days before Guru Purnima. You may consider coming to the annual Guru Purnima Retreat at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh, which is from July 10th to 19th.

There will be akhanda-patha (24 hour non-stop recitation) of Guru-Gita, the Song to the Guru. For more information use the schedule of events link given above.

Together the retreat participants listened to specific guided meditations by Swami Veda, furthering and deepening our own practice, understanding and spiritual development. Besides that we received further instructions and guidance that Swami Veda had already put into place for this annual gathering to continue and deepen the training for initiators.

On the ashram’s weekly silence day, November 26th, a 12 hour akhanda-japa was held, in which the sangha was invited to participate. This supported and strengthened the samiti in forming a unified mindfield and serve as a harmonized instrument for the guiding guru force.

Again the need was expressed that a continuous presence of initiators at SRSG throughout the year is necessary for visiting sadhakas asking for mantra initiation.

On Saturday November 28th the samiti served a bhandara to the community.

Next year’s initiators retreat will be November 21-30, 2016.



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